This is what it's all about.

The release of Jakob Helling Concert Big Band’s Album «Live in 2019» is happening! For sure on CD and as Download. Unsecure is still if we will be able to release Vinyls.

If you love the full and rich sound of real Vinyl-LPs as much as we do, be warmly invited to support us!

Also our Releasetour in 2020 is not fully covered yet. So you can make it happen that highest-quality Big Band Jazz is being played as it is supposed to be - LIVE!


Musicians from all over europe

The Jakob Helling Concert Big Band is an international ensemble playing modern but most of all swinging Big Band music!

In 2019 the 17 musicians made their debut as a band in Austria and now in 2020 they play a club tour to present fresh compositions & arrangements and the unique soloists.


This is what I need backing for.

The money that will be collected with this crowdfunfing campaign will on one hand be used to produce a Double-Vinyl. On the other hand your support will make it possible to pay an adequate remuneration to the musicians. In times when musician way too often play «for the love of music» instead of getting a good payment we think it needs people that play music with all their heart but are remunerated satisfying as well, right?

By the way: the Double-Vinyl will contain 12 tracks instead of 10 that you’ll find online and on CD. So there are 2 pieces that you’ll only be able to listen to on Vinyl! If this isn’t a reason to support this crowdfunding campaign.. :)

We say thank you for every single contribution with all our heart!