Project:, its a community platform specialized for the jobs in the Sport Industry, in Switzerland. Its is much more than just a simple job-board. We want to build an interactive community, which will connect companies, schools, candidates and Sport Industry Professionals in Switzerland.

Who are we?

Our team represents exactly the values which we support : Diversity and humanity. Each of us possesses radically different experiences of life, with complementary areas of expertise.


Thousands of people work in the Sport’industry in Switzerland. How many thousands of others could also work in it if they knew all the opportunities?

How many recruiters wasted time considering the compatibility between their needs and their candidates?

What a strong tension for students (and parents) before finding the first job?

Thanks to several innovative tools, you will save time and money by using We value the human aspect of recruitment. We base our reflections on the long-term development of candidates, businesses and schools.


CHF 50’000? Why?

Our savings allow us to finance the costs of structure, travels and communication. Thanks to you, we can finance the heart of our project : An android/ios application as well as a successful Web site.

What will you get?

The rewards can be offered or used for your own self-fulfillment.

You do not manage to make your choice among all these rewards? No stress! Select different amounts.

Have a look at our Busines Model on, and subscribe to our newsletter. A welcome’ gift will be waiting for you.

The team of Outdooria will be delighted to meet you soon and sincerely thanks you for your participation