Who we are

We are JOSH, an Indie, Grungy, Groovy, Rocky, Poppy, Funky, Dark Folk Band based in Zürich. Janine is the leader and songwriter of the band and Vera and Simon are her siblings. Along with Paul they make up the core members of the band welcoming newest members Ramon and Nick into the fold for the making of this record.

Listen here.

Since our debut «The Kids Of The Sun» (2012) followed by «Kingdom North EP» (2014) we have toured and performed across Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Holland and Sri Lanka releasing live video sessions along the way.

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What we want & need

Early this year we recorded twelve new songs on a lonely island in Norway that we want to release on CD and vinyl in spring 2018. We want to show you this beautiful record we made, called «White Creatures», go on tour and spread our love of music all over the world.

Creating and producing these songs was a very time consuming process and for over a year we worked almost exclusively on this rather than making the big money. As a result our financial resources have dwindled. Without your help we won’t be able to release the new album before the return of the dinosaurs.

We need friends, fans, art patrons, foundations, companies, new rich and old rich, supporters and every single fan of our music who is willing to back us with a franc, or two.

Where the money goes:

  • Studio costs
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • CD & Vinyl pressing
  • Artwork & design
  • Musicvideo
  • Press photos

What you get

«Good music for good people!»

The best you can get is our new album, in our opinion. Of course there’s more for everyone from hardcore fans to campfire singers and phone lovers, chili fanatics, wizard’s apprentices, hearty eaters, backpackers, shoppers, eager piano- and drum students, the generous, oldschool cassette freaks, fashionistas, gatherers and creative DIY enthusiasts.

Your contribution is far more than just a mere barter, it keeps the music alive! With your help we can finance our new album and focus fully on what we passionately do best: making music. Thank you for your continued support!