Journalism is not a crime!

Journalism is not a crime!

by Pascal


Meltem Oktay is in prison because she criticised the Turkish forces in the Kurdish areas in Turkey. They took her camera away. As a journalist she needs a new one when she comes free in November 2019.

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Concluded on 13/6/2019

Journalism is no crime!

Meltem Oktay is a Kurdish journalist from Dersim, Turkey. She went to the places, where Turkish security forces fought against Kurdish habitants. Because of her critical news articles she was sent to prison. In November 2019 she will be released. Then we want to make sure that she can continue to work as a journalist. The problem is that the security forces took her her camera away. That’s why we want to buy her a new professional camera that she will use for her journalistic work.

  • Solidaritäts-Tshirt
  • Meltem and a baby in the prison
    Meltem and a baby in the prison

This project is unique because

it is a statement of solidarity with a brave journalist. This project enables her to continue her work after her release in November 2019.

A new camera set

The aim is a professional camera set.