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The movie: Your lives - Remember

Create the movie:

Help us to make the Journey.

Alexandra, Peter, a Group of close friends and talented professionals are set to create a visionary movie about the collision of two worlds: the reality and our dreams – followed by the question: What if there is more than just one reality – what if our dreams actually come true? However, to make this adventurous and unconventional project, we need to get to our film setting: Iceland. During our 2+ months stay we want to film our journey to the beating heart of Iceland in search of the gemstone Tugtupite, meet strangers and watch them become close friends but moreover: we want to film all the magic and moments that´ll happen to us and within ourselfs. To be able to get to our filming location and start working on our project in Iceland we need your help and support.

Description of the movie (draft):

Alexandra and Peter are on their journey from central Europe to Iceland in search of the gemstone Tugtupite and determined to step out of the life strangling chains of society. It will be a diary, a documentary, an adventure expedition on the endless, volcanic and thermic landscapes of Iceland and the stories and peoples life’s they will meet on their path. During their two month stay in this worlds beyond their imagination and understanding, they will devote themselves to share the picture of live in its truest self. However, their decision to live their life’s as they have promised by appearing in this world, this decision in stepping out of the concept of illusion of life will cause more impact than they will be able to perceive with their blank eyes. They hadn’t even known how much they blocked out life during so much time and what was about to come back to be experienced and remembered. Additional info: Languages: russian, spanish, english, german Where to get in contact: Youtube channel www.visionof.life Alexandra: Isxyron@gmail.com, Peter: Peter@livingnomads.de

Few words to our supporters

Our dream & purpose in unifying real life experiences and visionary dream sequences which are deeply humming in our inner eye, lies in the desire to illustrate to our audience in how close-by those different worlds are and in how close we all are to experience those Life adventures. In this moment of possibility and great potential, where creative and amazing people come together to work on this «Life reminding» project, we see it our duty in enabling them to work together and create new inspirational fields of vision. Therefore we seek the support of those who want to be part of this project and who wants to put in reality what yet wasn’t explored in its truest deepness and potential.

Basic Dates & Info

Our project is going to start with May 2017, where we will make all the necessary preparations to be able to film our Journey, which will start in July this year. From then on we will start working intensively to release our movie around August 2018.

Expected Collaborations: Acdemy of Visionary Arts of Vienna Group of close friends and talented professionals

Additional info: First Release Languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian