Unisex Footwear

My new shoe collection #2 is waiting to be produced and YOU can make it happen!

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The details

5 pair of Sandals, handcrafted with high quality leather. Limited edition only and available in size: 36-41 (female) 41-45 (male)

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the shoes will be shipped end of the Year to Europe to hit the stores and online shops in Spring 2016.

  • #001 black magic deluxe RRP 125€ UNISEX
  • #002 patch urban RRP 130€ UNISEX
  • #003 infinity lace-up RRP 130€
  • #004 urban pointy black RRP 125€ UNISEX
  • #005 urban pointy metallic RRP 125€ UNISEX

How everything started

With a Master Degree in Fashion Design, I decided to go to Indonesia to develop some of my new ideas. Instantly I was inspired by the highly skilled craftsmanship that you can find throughout Indonesia and realised this is my chance to make my own shoe…

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The sandals and I

I have always been looking for the perfect Sandal. Either the quality or some small details didn’t convince me to buy.

For over 1,5 years now I have been developing a small collection. My priorities are good quality and beautiful minimalistic design.

I believe in a perfect pair of shoes, shoes that you can pair with any outfit and still get attention from people and I wanted to create a sandal for everyone.. a unisex sandal.

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Shoe business

Since I stared my own Shoe Label. The shoes have been featured in Magazines (INDIE Magazine) and also made it to the catwalk of Jakarta Fashion Week. Currently the Sandals are available online and in Designer Stores in Los Angeles and in London. But this is just the beginning… my next step is distribute my new collection to designer boutiques in Austria and Dubai.

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Why do I need your help?

Because of my tight budget I had to turn down amazing opportunities in the past. Financially I could not keep up with reproducing my stock or it was gone too quickly. On one hand it shows the interest of my target group on the other hand it also shows that I need financial backup in order to grow my business. With your help I will be able to produce my new collection in a reasonable quantity so it can be available in stores, online and eventually for you.

Where the money is going?

  • Material costs (only high quality leather will be used)
  • Production costs (fair trade for highly skilled craftsmanship)
  • Photoshooting (amazing models.. the rest is a secret)
  • Advertisement campaign (social media)

The samples are ready for production and your support will get me one step closer to my ultimate dream, an independent Label.


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