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K/NW in Rome

After spending some great time in Rome making music, were up and about and SO ready to present our new world to you!

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Video HOLE of our 1st Album PAGES

Dank vielen guten Momenten mit passionierten K/NW-Unterstützern entstand vor zwei Jahren folgendes Video HOLE:

Our 2nd Album

We’ve been busy bees now for a long time listening to the songs again & again and trying to optimize them for you. Lucky us! Dominik from ACBCR and Michael from the QFLM-studios have helped us out musically and the face of it will get more and more subtle through the graphists Bureau Collective and Tobi our photographer..

Are you eager on hearing a damn good album? Well then check out these rewards and go for one of them! And come to our Album Release Show on the 22. February 2014 at the beautiful Palace in St.Gallen!

Thank you!

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Raus aus den Federn!

Nun finden wir es an der Zeit, damit an die Öffentlichkeit zu gehen. Wenn du ein wunderbartönendes Album hörensehen möchtest mit tutti quanti di Roma, dann suche dir eine Belohnung aus! Und streiche dir den 22. Februar 2014 rot im Kalender an, denn dann wird das Album im schönen Palace in St. Gallen gefeiert!