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The Kali foundation.

The Kali foundation, located on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Guajira Columbia, is a non-profit initiative supporting orphans and disadvantaged street children. It is built on the hope of offering them a safe place to live – far away from what could be very dangerous streets. The foundation does not act as an orphanage for adoption but rather, exists as a sanctuary where children can grow in a healthy and loving environment. Our mission is to give children the key to building themselves a bright future in Colombian society, therefore, instilling proper education and values to attain a stable job for them one day is at the core of our work. 

Many of our children come from an unstable past with parents living in poor health conditions or are financially unstable. These can have significant effects on the child’s emotional and mental well-being that for them to regain confidence and security, we offer psychological support in a caring manner with activities ranging from internships, sports and educational workshops.

  • 16,438 children under the age of 5 die every day, according to the ONU ’’Insecurity in the World 2002’’ report.
  • In 2001, there were 197 victims of landmines 54 of which were children, states UNICEF.
  • A large number of people fighting in illicit armed groups are under the age of 18.

Children have no weapons to defend themselves and are forced to survive in whatever way they can given their circumstance. With the country suffering from economic and political turmoil, children are living under unjust conditions and are unable to thrive due to the small presence of associations in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

As the years went by, political awareness began to emerge. In 1991, Columbia was defined as a social state of law and fully incorporated the doctrine of «The International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Family». The adoption of the law was a turning point and came as a breath of fresh air that signaled hope for many communities. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to it due to the limited means and lack of implementation. Moreover, Columbia is one of the Latin American countries where basic education is not free and significant costs for textbooks, school supplies, uniforms and transportation can become burdensome for disadvantaged families.

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How does the project work?

To raise money for the foundation, we bought a lot in Palomino where we plan to build a twenty-room hostel. The land is conveniently located 4 minutes from the village center and was strategically built far away from the bigger cities (the nearest one, Santa Marta, is 1 hour away), to keep the children safe from pollution, crime and any harmful factors that could potentially disturb their tranquility and education. In collaboration with an architect from Santa Marta, we were able to establish construction plans that could start any time between early to late 2020. However, as a non-profit organization, it is difficult and almost impossible to help children in distress without adequate financial support. We would love for you to create change with us and positively impact the lives of children in Columbia. Your cash donations together with profits from the hostel will help us kickstart our foundation and maintain what we believe will be a catalyst of change for Columbia’s young generation.

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What will the funds be used for?

Despite our project’s set structure, the banks of France and Switzerland are unable to support the foundation’s financing since they cannot lend to foreigners. We need sufficient funding to provide the quality care we envision for our children, therefore, your kind contributions will help us construct of the building and purchase the basic supplies and necessary means to get the foundation up and running.