The KECH Collective brings Swiss & Moroccan artists together for this upcoming edition of the Marrakech Biennale. It creates a transcultural platform for dialogue around art and culture. But, for it to happen, we will need your help!

For your support you can catch exclusive gifts from Marrakech and objects from our participating artists. Stay tuned as more things get revealed!

Who are we?

The KE’CH Collective is a group of cultural collaborators from Switzerland and Morocco with the vision to create a trans-border platform for art projects in order to promote cross-cultural dialogue.

Members include Nicole Billi, Sead Bayhan, Mohamed Bousaadi, Vania Kukleta and Mia Odermatt.

That’s the point.

The platform, known as «KE’CHswap2016» is a creative network and research space for experimental reflection on art, culture and society.

We encourage artists and creators from the fields of contemporary art, crafts, music and design to promote and be open to transnational collaborations among artists and cultural practitioners from Switzerland and Morocco. And so, a trans-cultural dialogue is revealed.

«KE’CHswap2016» of the Marrakech Biennale has been created as a bridge between local and international artists and their respective contexts. For example, you can instantly follow the first project, which is live now, of artists dialogue in the form of «a cross-cultural photo-blog» on Instagram.

Now, it’s your turn

We need your support to finance the travel and transport costs of the artists and their works. The Swiss artists will travel to Morocco and exhibit their work which will be realized in exchange with the Moroccan artists.

Swiss and Moroccan artists will work together, in Marrakech, in order to create a space that proposes a discussion of migration, intercultural exchange and discourse. Not only is the work significant across countries, but also hemispheres and continents.

Due to the difficulty of transporting art to the Morocco, most, if not all works will be created in Morocco, with the exception of a few materials.

This campaign is asking for support in the terms of transport for artists and the productions of their art-work to be presented for the Marrakech Biennale.

These artists are counting on you

  • Anna Sabina Zürrer, *1981 in Zurich, lives in Sachseln OW, Switzerland
  • Gian-Reto Gredig & Goran Galić, anthropologist, photographer, video artist, Goran Galić born *1977 in Lucerne, Switzerland Gian-Reto & Gredig *1976 in Chur, Switzerland
  • Embroiderers of Actuality; visual artists, Abdelaziz Zerrou, *1982 in Casablanca, Morocco & Aglaia Haritz *1978 in Bellinzona, Switzerland
  • Marie Sutter, photographer *1994 Hegenheim France, lived in Switzerland
  • Zainab Andalibe & Nicolas Kozerawski, visual artist born *1985 Marrakech, lives and works in Morocco and Belgium & visual artist *1977 Paris, France, lives and work in France and Belgium
  • Alia Ali, Multi Media Artist, photographer, born *1985 in Austria, lives and works in Marrakech and New Orleans.
  • Ghizlane Sahli, visual artist, architect, designer, stylist, scenographer, *1973 Meknes, Morocco
  • Laila Hida, photographer *1983 Casablanca, Morocco
  • Aniko M.E. Boehler, visual artist, arts producer, filmmaker, curator, anthropologist, *1961 lives and works in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Rita Alaoui, visual artist, born *1972 Rabat, lives and works in Casablanca, Morocco

Exclusive surprises that are waiting for you!

Here is a small taste: 

How about a Moroccan tea set? A private artist’s studio tour with aperitif? Or a dinner with the KE’CH Collective? Want to fly to Marrakech and enjoy the Biennale with us? Get 1-3 nights in Riad Marrakech BE, right in the heart medina.

As a thank you, there are limited artworks that are available. Selected posters, publications, and more from participating artists, that are waiting for you. Follow our project – there will be continuous new attractive rewards to come by our artists ... Enjoy the journey!