Kenyan Roots@Biennale

by Apiyo


Supporting the native Kenyan-Swiss artist,Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo with financial aid needed to realise and transport her contemporary art to the Art Olympics, Biennale in Venezia 2015

CHF 4’250

106% of CHF 4’000

106 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

30 backers

Successfully concluded on 20/5/2015

Six days to goBy Apiyo, on 14/05/2015

it’s only six days to go and am optimistic that we will reach our goal. We are only 665 Franks shy of the goal!

What an eye opener this has been a turbulent experience until now! Am glad i was able to share some of it with you both here and personally – Lady Jazz and the other two ’anonymous’ sponsors who came to the VIP opening and helped me to stay focused a few minutes before the crazy press conference!

I made some great contacts during my stay in Venice and i am positive this is just the beginning of more to come – stay tuned!

A heartfelt thanks to all my 23 supporters ….

Official Biennale CatalogueBy Apiyo, on 08/05/2015

The official la Biennale di Venezia catalogue and my art work is in it!

Thank you for your support till this far we are almost there. Tonight will be the VIP opening and i am totally nervous…

Kenianische PavillonBy Apiyo, on 07/05/2015

Das Drama geht weiter! Als ich mit meinen Kunstwerken hier in Venedig ankam, informierte mich ein Beauftragter der Biennale, dass sich die kenianische Regierung von der diesjährigen Biennale zurückgezogen hat und den kenianischen Pavillon schliessen liess. Nach einer Reihe von turbulenten Sitzungen und Pressekonferenzen mit den Beauftragten der Biennale und mir – einige laufen zur Zeit noch – entschied ich, dass ich nun nach vorne schaue. Ich akzeptierte das Angebot, in einem anderen Pavillon auszustellen.

Also meine Kunstwerke sind an der Biennale zu sehen - aber nicht im kenianischen Pavillon, den es ja nicht mehr gibt. Die Eröffnung und auch der Standort der Ausstellung bleiben dieselben: 8. Mai 2015 um 18:00 Uhr auf der Insel San Servolo.

Jetzt brauche ich erst recht eure Hilfe, um das ganze Projekt zu einem glücklichen Abschluss zu bringen. Ich bin hier in Venedig, meine Kunstwerke auch. Machen wir’s zusammen!

The drama continues! I got to Venice with my art work to be informed by the commissioner that the Kenyan government had withdrawn from the Biennale and closed the pavilion.

After a series of turbulent press conferences of which some are still going on with the commissioners and some with me, i decided to go ahead and accept the offer to exhibit in another pavilion.( Or rather the ’Kenyan pavilion’ without the Kenyan flag of acceptance).

So my art work will /can still be seen at the Biennale 2015 in the NOT Kenyan pavilion. The opening day, time and location remains the same. 8th May 2015, 18.00PM San Servolo Island.

Now i really need your help,more than ever to pull this off and make it work! I am here. my art work is here, lets do this. Together!

Todays newspaper...By Apiyo, on 05/05/2015

Transporting the sculpturesBy Apiyo, on 05/05/2015

Transporting the sculptures

So i finally found a transport car- Mercedes Vito that was affordable , which means it cost me less that the 2500 it was originally going to cost me.

I decided to drive the sculptures to Venice myself, this way i also save on the costs of a driver although when i called the assistant to the commissioner (the commissioner’s number was constantly busy), she panicked and told me « You can not drive to Venice, it is an Island » ….

yes i know that much. But how am i expected to get the art work to Venice if i don’t drive! Anyway ignoring all this i loaded the sculptures into the car, hopped in with a printed road map (one of my friends, empathizing with me, got me a survival kit – red bull, chocolate, nuts, crisps, water anything that might keep me awake), and i drove..

and drove. and drove!

Halfway thereBy Apiyo, on 29/04/2015

It is day 20 and we are already halfway there! Halfway there! Amazing!!! i want to thank all the people who have taken time to support me. You all energise me. I working at making you proud to be part of this project. THANK YOU.

and for those who have never met me, i’ll change that soon ;)

yours truly