Music under your skin

In small venues such as the acoustically excellent culture centre, a café, a locksmith’s, a hotel foyer or in a private room, our artists and their supporting group will play twelve concerts from Good Friday, 30 March 2018 to Easter Monday, 2 April 2018. A mixture of international stars and big name Swiss artists playing to small audiences in an intimate atmosphere (see programme/ticket prices).

Small but fine music between mainstream and experimental

This festival of keyboard instruments brings high-quality music to Prättigau, which has no other keyboard events. Cross-over concerts between folk music and jazz, piano virtuosos with their trios, accordionists with Slavic and Swiss roots. Twelve key-board concerts in the same festival, but which are all so different that they are all worth visiting one after the other (see programme/ticket prices).

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Small audiences, reasonable ticket prices, talented musicians

The artists are paid appropriate fees, including accommodation, professional instruments are provided, advertising needs to be made, programs printed, lighting rented and sound technicians paid for. Small venues, the proximity to the artists and moderate ticket prices mean that the ticket revenues only cover approximately 20% of the total outgoings.
Who assists, get not only a ticket, but also a gift with products from Kesslerhof Klosters!

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