For over 30 years, KIFF has been a symbol of live and pop culture in Switzerland Now, it needs a new home. With your help, we will build the future of KIFF!

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 10/12/2023

What it's about

Since 1991, Aarau and Switzerland have been enjoying «Kultur in der Futterfabrik», or KIFF for short. However, our beloved «Futterfabrik», has slowly but surely passed its zenith. The spaces are too small, insulation and ventilation are poor, and the infamous stairs too steep.. Renovation is simply not an option and the lease is expiring.

The Solution is as obvious as it is ambitious: we are building a new Venue and with it a new, versatile home for pop culture. With a large hall and a club, a cozy Restaurant, exhibition space, rehearsal rooms, Radio Station Kanal K and a courtyard with a terrace - In short: providing enough space to create, convey and enjoy culture.

This entire project comes to life through the support of the public sector, foundations, sponsors, and last but not least:YOU! We are short of 5% of the total construction cost, and that’s where we need the help of you all! Let’s secure KIFF for future generations togheter. Let’s collectively raise 500,000 Swiss francs and rock the biggest crowdfunding campaign ever seen on Wemakeit - thus building the cultural center of the future! And just so you know: from the threshold target of 300,000 francs every franc goes to the NEW KIFF. Before that, it’s all-or-nothing!

Because one thing is clear: KIFF Must Go On!

  • New KIFF: mainentrance and courtyard
    New KIFF: mainentrance and courtyard
  • New KIFF: club terrace
    New KIFF: club terrace
  • New KIFF: Illustration
    New KIFF: Illustration
  • New KIFF: meeting point and restaurant
    New KIFF: meeting point and restaurant
  • New KIFF: concert hall with galery
    New KIFF: concert hall with galery

A long-standing commitment to culture

Born out of the need for creative spaces at the end of the ’80s, KIFF is now considered one of the busiest cultural venues in the Swiss Mittelland. Since 2011, it has been officially recognized as a cultural beacon for the Canton of Aargau. Annually, over 42,000 individuals attend the thoughtfully curated program, which encompasses over 200 concerts, parties, and cabaret events, connecting a broad audience with sophistication, legends with newcomers, international acts with local talent, and soaring heights with the underground scene.

But KIFF is more than «just» a stage: For more than 30 years, professional cultural work has met the spirited commitment of hundreds of volunteers at the Futterfabrik. Here, culture is not only showcased but also created, whether in the low-cost cultural production spaces, through various collaborations or the promotion of new projects that originate and thrive within the KIFF.

The new KIFF also aims to be a hub for culture, providing space for new ideas and initiatives. It seeks to foster exchange and discourse on pop culture while supporting education and training in the cultural and events industry.

A new building project such as this not only makes it possible to rethink cultural education, but also to set new accents in important social spheres such as sustainability (Minergie-P standard targeted), inclusion (100% barrier-free) or urban development (the KIFF as an attractive meeting place).

  • Concert, Black Sea Dahu, 2021
    Concert, Black Sea Dahu, 2021
  • DJ workshop, Helvetia Rockt, 2023
    DJ workshop, Helvetia Rockt, 2023
  • Residence, Cori Nora, 2021
    Residence, Cori Nora, 2021
  • Concert, Stress, 2022
    Concert, Stress, 2022
  • Professional sound- and lightengeneering
    Professional sound- and lightengeneering
  • Emotions
  • Concert, Seven, 2023
    Concert, Seven, 2023

The way your donation is being used

The new KIFF costs in total 28.8 million Swiss francs. We’ve already raised 27.6 million, so at first glance, 500,000 francs might seem like a small amount. However, this sum, and therefore your contribution, is incredibly important. Firstly, because we need to cover the entire project cost before we can confidently order the excavators. Additionally, other committed funds are tied to complete financing, or to put it differently: as long as we don’t have 100% of the funds secured, other funds won’t flow.

There are rewards for you: Rewards! Damn cool rewards! For example, the first official T-shirts in the KIFFstory. Or secure entry for 2 people to the exclusive pre-opening and be the first to dance in the new KIFF. Or immortalise yourself with your name either on the Wall of Fame or on a chair in the new KIFF restaurant. Or. Or. Or. Free amounts are of course also possible!

Would you like to take a look at the shirts? You’ll find a few pictures of some rewards below.

You can be sure: Your money is well invested, and not just because of the fantastic rewards you can dust off.

With your support, you:

  • show politicians that it pays off to invest in pop culture
  • make it clear that good music is not only played in the biggest cities
  • contribute to an attractive Telli district in Aarau
  • ensure the continuity of the generation project KIFF
  • donate urgently needed rehearsal rooms to regional musicians
  • increase the chances that your favorite band will bathe in the Aare river one day
  • say YES to decent working conditions in the culture industry
  • not only get good vibes, but also cool and exclusive KIFF rewards!
  • save a piece of identity for Aarau and Aargau
  • build pop culture the home it deserves
  • give KIFF and the 200-volunteers strong KIFF family a future!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the countless contributors who have been working collectively for years in all areas in and around the venue to make such a pioneering project possible at all.

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