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Kindergarten – Oberohringen – Solar Power

The initial situation

The kindergarten Oberohringen is rebuilt. On the roof there is space for a solar energy system and the community provides this to the charity of solar power plant Community Seuzach.
The association has to make as objective a contribution to the promotion of environmentally friendly energy systems. It supports the construction and operation of photovoltaic and other systems that support renewable energies.

The association owns itself only one solar system which was built 30 years ago, this provides the club currently regular income.

The goal

Thus, the promotion of renewable energy can also be made by the next generation with a regular income, we want to build and a new self owned plant. The plant on the kindergarten has a good size and with a lifespan of about 35 years, a good horizon.

The plant will cost 40’000 CHF and counted on the personal electricity consumption, generate electricity for 20 children. The system consists of 60 solar modules.

The invested money in the plant will be gained back in the coming decades via the sale of electricity. This will be available to the club and the next generation.

The solar power plant Community Seuzach can carry a large part of the costs themselves.

The plant will be construction by the company Eneriba.
Solar power plant Community Seuzach has made an initial payment of 18’000 CHF.

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