Help us make rock climbing accessible to all: TOTEM is coming to Meyrin with a new space dedicated to reaching new heights in the community. On the menu: CLIMBING, FITNESS, YOGA, KIDS zone and a BAR!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 10/10/2021


What ?! A new climbing gym in the canton of Geneva? Oh yeah ! TOTEM is coming to Meyrin with its biggest «Blocpark» yet.

Discover a wide range of activities available soon at TOTEM Meyrin:

  • Insane ROCK CLIMBING walls for adults whatever their abilities: bouldering, training, group-improvement classes Everything will be available.
  • The largest KIDS ZONE in the french-speaking part of Switzerland with fun climbing routes, slides, and discovery areas; all designed for children and young people to play safely from 2 to 17 years-old kids
  • YOGA and meditation room to host classes every week and bring peace and balance to your life
  • A FITNESS area for you to train strength on specific areas of the body
  • A BAR & TERRACE area with a view of Mont Blanc and the Jura
  • A sauna in the changing rooms to relax your muscles after exercising

Our project is now excruciatingly close to completion. We need your contribution for the last mile! Get ready, there are some unbelievable first-time offers coming …But spoiler alert, we are offering a lifetime subscription to all TOTEM gyms and other special discounts for kids. It truly is too good to pass up!

  • Le projet est lancé et avance bien !
    Le projet est lancé et avance bien !
  • Future entrée et bar !
    Future entrée et bar !


TOTEM Meyrin is above all a community space designed for climbers, families, friends and children. More than ever, this new venue embodies our motto: TO LEARN, TO TRAIN, TO CLIMB, TOTEM. Do you think rock climbing is only for climbers? You’ll be happy to learn that it’s for everyone, ages 2 to 72! :)

  • Climb with your family: Climb stress-free while your children play in the KIDS ZONE, reserved for climbers 2 to 17 years old. Our instructors will be there to supervise them in complete safety. Come and push yourself as a family - set new goals and surpass them each week: this is TOTEM!
  • Climb with your colleagues during a lunch break: Come and enjoy our special launch package: climb, grab a lunch, and refresh yourself in the sauna and spa before going back to work. And of course, there will always be time for an after-work climbing session with the team in the evening 6pm!
  • Meet new people and join the TOTEM community: We welcome you all, solo or with friends, every day of the week! TOTEM is a great place to meet new people, share experiences, have a drink and a planchette at the bar! Enjoy meeting new people while climbing, going to yoga class, or training in the fitness area. Ultimately, we welcome you to join the TOTEM family.

And why Meyrin for all of this? The city embodies a prime location for this new venue. Ideally located 8 minutes by train from Cornavin station and offering a free parking garage, the building is easily accessible from the entire Geneva area. We are deeply thankful to the city for welcoming us!

  • La plus grande zone enfants en Suisse Romande
    La plus grande zone enfants en Suisse Romande
  • Au programme, des activités pour tous les enfants !
    Au programme, des activités pour tous les enfants !


Today, the whole team is working hard to build our brand new venue! We carefully planned the architectural programming, the choice and the design of the climbing walls, equipment, and finally the modules for children. That being said, we need your participation to help us refine the project and add the final touches.

The majority of the project is self-funded, and this infrastructure… is… massive. About 8 trucks were needed for the climbing walls alone. Through crowdfunding, we aim to invite our clients to be part of the project. Several milestones will allow us to launch the project under the best conditions:

  • CHF 100,000: the milestone for a successful crowdfunding : champagne !
  • CHF 150,000: the hospitality milestone to enhance the experience at the bar and terrace
  • CHF 200,000: the milestone of crazy heights to offer you the best Blocpark ever created by TOTEM!

Each milestone will allow us to get a little closer to the ultimate goal: to welcome you in the best conditions and to introduce you to the practice of our favourite sport! For that, we offer you exclusive rewards and hope to see you very soon in our gym!

  • Grimper en communauté !
    Grimper en communauté !
  • Entrainement et perfectionnement à Meyrin.
    Entrainement et perfectionnement à Meyrin.