Sharing a Child’s Dream !

by Zachary O'Donnell


Two young people, an old VW van, a video camera, and a journey to the Caspian Sea. As they travel East they will make a short film about children’s dreams and their life aspirations!

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Successfully concluded on 24/8/2014

Music by Kelly Latimore

Van of Dreams

Deep down inside every child there are dreams. Ideas of who we will be, where we will live and what we will do. Ideas of the lives we want to lead. Some children dream bigger than others. Some dream of becoming doctors or astronauts, others of owning a pair of shoes. What makes us different is how, and most of all, to what extend we are willing to go to achieve them.

Their story

A Young Swiss couple are taking their dreams and as they drive across Eastern Europe in search of the shores of the Caspian, they will make a documentary that chronicles the dreams of the youths that they meet.

Maevia is 20 years old and after finishing high school has dedicate a year to travelling, volunteering and Documentary film making. After 5 months of working on projects throughout central Asia where she taught English, built houses for Nepalese villagers and picked tea with plantation workers she is looking to broaden her understanding of a changing Europe and the aspirations of some of its youngest members.

Zach graduated with a bachelor of Sciences in civil engineering before moving to Burkina Faso. Driven by ideas of humanitarian aid work his interests lie in the human condition and how we face the challenges of integrating an increasingly connected world.

Over an 8 month period, along the roads less travelled, their aim is to create a striking yet poignant portrait of the dreams that underpin the youth of Eastern Europe. Driving through the Balkans, Through Turkey and into the Caucasus they will document their adventure as a way of promoting understanding, shared common values and a sense of cultural awareness.

Their project

Sharing the Child’s Dream is a project that brings together a youthful passion for travelling and a desire to understand the dreams of Europe’s next generation.

This project will realise a short documentary film that will record the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the children and teenagers that they meet as the make their journey.

Focusing on youth, the project will then be shown in schools and film festivals as a way engaging across cultures and as a tool to foster cultural understanding in an ever shrinking Europe.

If you support us your contribution will help us to realise a dream. It will also result in a short film that not only documents the dreams of a young generation but will build ties that further and deepen our understanding of what it means to be young and European.

In supporting us your donations will buy petrol, will buy food and will help us to keep our van moving forward. Not only will you be supporting a young couple who are setting out on the adventure of a life time but also helping realise a project that will document the dreams and aspirations of Eastern Europes Children.

Please support Sharing a Childs Dream!

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Votre contribution participerait, en grande partie, aux frais de réalisation du court métrage. De plus, cela nous permettrais de mettre un peu de l’essence dans le bus et dans le cas ou notre vieux coucou rend l’âme, payer le billet de retour dans notre beau pays qu’est la Suisse!