La Brella designs unique umbrellas inspired by the rainforest.

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Successfully concluded on 4/6/2016

La Brella was born to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the rainforest. Its creation was driven mainly by love for this ecosystem, admiration for its diversity as well as the concern over its vulnerability.

La Brella believes that by displaying the precious species of plants and animals on its canopy the carriers of these umbrellas will in fact become messengers with mission to spread awareness of this global problem.

Why should you support us?

The primary goal of the brand La Brella is not a commercial success. It is rather a mission of awareness, which needs to be carried across the world to stop the deforestation and save the important ecosystem. The production of umbrellas is finished. Now we need to build awareness, get the message across, we are determined to save the rainforest, but everything on this world, costs money. This we are bit short of…

So the money which we will get from this campaign will go mainly for marketing and communication and on-line advertising.

Collection Profile

La Brella collection includes: 6 female foldable umbrellas. They are characterized by their bold and creative design, durability and moreover the wonders which are hidden on their canopy. On each umbrella you can find various animals and plants species living in the rainforest.

  • Opens and closes easily at the press of button
  • Flexible frame to enhance wind resistance
  • Umbrella measures 22 cm x 5 cm when closed and 94 cm when open
  • Ultra thin compact design
  • Cool gift box included

2 male umbrellas (unisex) straight with good coverage with a span of 103 cm. On their canopy is shown the peace for trees and dry soil

  • Fiberglass ribs for flexibility and strength in high winds
  • Easy automatic opening
  • Umbrella measures 88 cm long when closed