Natural soaps from «LA CHARRIÈRE»

«LA CHARRIÈRE» produces soaps from high-quality spring water, vegetable and (if possible) essential oils using the cold saponification process. Our biologically sustainable products mature slowly in a vaulted cellar at a constant temperature and ideal humidity.

The Atelier «LA CHARRIÈRE» was founded by Erhan Köksal. As a creative, passionate cook, I came up with the idea of making my own high-quality soap in a particularly cold winter. Since the conventional shower products dried out the skin and caused itching, I decided to produce a beautiful soap that minimizes allergic reactions and does not require a plastic bottle.

After many attempts and mishaps I succeeded in creating a soap with excellent properties. In order to achieve today’s quality, the recipe was continuously refined. The positive feedback from our customers confirms the satisfaction with our 100% natural «LA CHARRIÈRE» soaps.

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The special thing about «LA CHARRIÈRE»

LA CHARRIÈRE’s offer includes hand, body and shaving soaps, as well as bath cubes and textile stain removers. We provide various natural fragrances such as «Oriental», «Rose», «Tropical», «Fleurs» and more - and we are constantly adding new ones.

The bath cubes as well as the hand and body soaps - all with their high content of glycerine, which is obtained from the natural saponification process - clean AND care for the skin. It dries out less quickly, reducing the need for moisturising creams or lotions.

The stain removers with only slight superfatting (max. 3%) and without fragrance oil, but also with a high proportion of natural glycerine, are particularly effective in removing stains from textiles.

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I need your backing for that

With «LA CHARRIÈRE» I would like to contribute to the protection of the environment and naturally clean and smooth skin.

By purchasing «LA CHARRIÈRE» products, you reduce plastic waste and thus protect the aquatic environment - and ultimately yourself. The packaging is made of recyclable paper. This way the waste of plastic bottles can be reduced considerably.

Most soap-like shower gels contain silicones to give a velvety feeling. This silicone - which in nature takes several hundred years to decompose - flows into the waters where it is consumed by fish. So our plastic and silicone ends up back on our plates. This cycle can be interrupted by using «LA CHARRIÈRE» soaps without microplasty.