A refreshment bar but not only that! From June to September, the courtyard of the emblematic Café de l'Avenir, at Place Robin, in Vevey, will host various cultural and playful proposals for all ages.

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Entertainment in la Cour de L'Avenir this summer!

Since 2018, the famous Café de l’Avenir is closed. Many of us have wondered about the future of this place, its restaurant and its terrace. It certainly remains in memory the «taste of the courtyard» animated by its petanque tournaments, its joyful tables and its traditional fondues.

Following the purchase of the place by the City of Vevey, the latter launched a call for projects at the beginning of April to exploit and animate the courtyard adjacent to the former restaurant, to which we responded: La Cour de l’Avenir is to be shared for the space of a summer, the place is to be occupied and reanimated. The deadline imposed does not slow down the creative impulses and imaginations. Several files are being prepared in a hurry, ideas are flowing, but above all, they are bringing people together and creating possibilities. In a few weeks, we are getting to the heart of the matter and our wish is that this place will come alive from June to September.

In mid-May, we learned the good news: our application had been selected. Imagination becomes more concrete and here is the summary:

All of us involved in the cultural, economic and social life of Vevey, we got together to think of this place as a friendly, welcoming and versatile space.

Under the name of «La Cour de l’Avenir», our association will open on June 24, the first day of the traditional multicultural festival, a refreshment bar but not only! Indeed, this place will welcome various cultural and ludic proposals for all the ages, at free price. We will propose a program, while leaving room for collective creativity.

Three proposals will be developed: -Focus on… regional culture -Permaculture fancy Childhood -The Court is yours!

This place will be open from June 24th to September 25th, from Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to 10pm to begin with and more if the weather plays tricks on us.

If, like us, you are curious to see this place come back to life, then support us and come and see us, because if the Courtyard is up for grabs, then let’s take it together and invent spaces for entertainment, sharing, openings to meet, weave links and let us live in this new future delimited by its Courtyard.

We are delighted with this new breath of life that is flying near the Place Robin. This Cour de l’Avenir asks to live, so let’s take advantage of this space to share convivial moments, to meet and to build places respectful of the inhabitants of the district and beyond.

  • the petanque courts will be refurbished
    the petanque courts will be refurbished
  • a wall painting will animate the bar
    a wall painting will animate the bar
  • a stage will overlook the yard
    a stage will overlook the yard

alternatives and positive perspectives

In order to carry out an ecological, social and economic transition, human beings need their fellow human beings. To strengthen solidarity, meeting places can still be developed: opportunities to share, to meet others and to learn about their culture are still too rare. Similarly, there are not enough spaces for cultural actors to present their work, and projects to encourage cultural participation of all publics deserve to be developed, including in decentralized neighborhoods. We want to propose alternatives and positive perspectives to this emergency situation, acting on our scale. We want to create a space that resembles the world in which we would like to live. A place where everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to express themselves, to share, to make their resources known and to discover those of others, regardless of age, gender, culture and opinions, in an environment of trust, kindness and respect. We all have something to offer, an inner wealth to share. We all need others to grow. We have confidence in human beings, and we want to build, with those who are ready to try, a small part of the future we dream of.

permaculture in fantasy
permaculture in fantasy

Animations at free price

Thanks to your support, we will be able to bring together various initiatives while offering quality programming to the residents of the neighbourhood and beyond, and all this at a free price!

You support the implementation and supervision of activities by experienced animators, an inclusive communication to allow everyone to be aware of the proposed activities, a coordination and supervision of the proposals of different groups and people interested in co-creating the life of the neighborhood.

A program of fun and educational activities to raise awareness of the environment and biodiversity will be offered to children, adults and families, as well as various activities with the goal of sharing, learning and having fun.

In parallel and throughout the season, events will be co-constructed with people interested in getting involved in the yard. The public will have the opportunity to initiate and get involved in the implementation of artistic, playful and creative projects, thus becoming an actor and a spectator. Moreover, the place will be open to all ages, encouraging intergenerational dialogue, and will promote the transmission of knowledge and the sharing of ideas.

  • le collectif de la Cour de l'Avenir
    le collectif de la Cour de l'Avenir
  • opening on June 24
    opening on June 24