La Fête du Slip?

La Fête du Slip is a multidisciplinary festival about sexualities. Itʼs a positive and festive celebration of the diversity of gender identities, bodies, practices and sexual orientations. Whether through cinema, music, photography, literature, performance or visual arts, La Fête du Slip comes from all sides to create a space for sharing, discovery and debate about a subject that concerns us all: sex!

Sex sells... or not!

The first edition of La Fête du Slip is almost ready. The program is set, promotion out and logistics on the way. But weʼre still lacking one crucial part: money! Despite the success of the introductive event and all the efforts of the organisers, we have only received 200.- CHF from the Emilie Gourd Foundation. We are still expecting answers from a couple institutions, but even with all our dreams fulfilled, it wonʼt be enough. And thatʼs why we need your help!

CHF 5ʼ500.-, is that enough?

No, certainly not. Our budget, with everyone minimally paid, well fed and accomodated during the festival, is CHF 83ʼ440.-. But we have calculated that with only luck, only good deals, only volunteering and the bare minimum of fees, we still need CHF 15ʼ000.- in order for the festival to take place.

So why CHF 5ʼ500.-?

Because itʼs the realistic amount we thought we could get to here. Bear in mind that the condition in crowdfunding is that you hit your goal, because if you donʼt get it in time, you donʼt get anything! So if the CHF 5ʼ500.- are hit, donʼt think weʼre all good. We need much more, so go right ahead!



Saturday March 2nd //
La Fête du Slip vs. Les Filles Affranchies //
Le Romandie//

DJ Set Ena Lind (Ex DJ Metzgerei)/ Performance by Mad Kate / Presentation of the Bend Over Magazine / Berlin

The Festival Program

Confirmed Films:

  • Orchids: My Intersex Adventure,
    by Phoebe Hart
    followed by a thematic debate with the director and Cynthia Kraus, professor and specialist of intersexuality.

  • (A)sexual, by Angela Tucker

Confirmed Artists:

  • Orties (Hip-Hop Electro Post Punk, FR)

  • Unas (Electro, FR)
  • Bass Warriors
  • Koltʼ (Unreleased Kollektiv)
  • Volta (Exclusive Ghetto House & Ghetto Tech Set)

Photography Exhibitions:

  • Chris Mettraux
  • Tobias Dimmler

Magazine Presentations:

  • Torchon Magazine (graffiti & illustration, FDS special edition)
  • Gazette érotique So So So (Bondage, erotic short stories)

And with all that and much more, there will also be performances, readings, interactive installations, catch improvisation, DJs and loads of surprises!