La Grange Maison, it’s on old boards that you make a beautiful stage!

This project seeks to develop an ambitious cultural and touristic diversification concept within a historical house and traditional barns. In Chandolin/Savièse, La Grande Maison (#LGM) is a historic building proudly anchored in the heritage of the community. Renovated in 2007, the main historic building boasts 7 beautiful guest rooms (5 additional rooms are currently under renovation), a restaurant and a stage on which the artists perform during the evening performances. This charming venue is intimate and welcoming, and has exceptional views of the Vallee de Rôhne. La Grande Maison is a cocoon of character and authenticity where guest come to rest, relax, and experience sensational dining and culture. Whether enjoying the views with a glass of wine in the garden, or enjoying the delicacies of our cave dining room, each guest is invited to the experience of a lifetime. This project was born out of the encouragement of our local performing artists. The artists are the primary ambassadors of this project and would love to have a new stage on which to perform. Our primary goal is to renovate an old barn and create a stage area in order to offer the public a unique artistic environment for all to enjoy. The artists are the first «ambassadors» of the place and would love to be able to perform there more often. That’s how the project is born. The goal is to renovate an old barn to extend the stage space and therefore be able to offer an artistic environment even more professional and original!

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My project is special because ...

The goal is to develop the culture and the tourism in the commune of Savièse. With the Baladin, the exhibitions house and the living traditions, Savièse is a unique place that combines tourism and culture to offer memorable experiences and events to the citizens and to the hosts. The extension project of La Grande Maison is in harmony with the one already existing and will inject dynamism into the cultural offer of the Commune. For Alain and Pascal, the founders, it is important to have a sustainable development vision that includes the local community. In that sense, the goal of the project is not only to increase the hotel capacity of the region, but indeed to offer a global cultural and touristic to the guest and to the invited artists. With 12 rooms in total and a new performance hall with 80 seats, multi-purpose and usable the whole year, the association «le p’tit café-théâtre de la Grande Maison» wants to widen the cultural offer of the region. They also want to propose a more professional reception, unique performances of well-known artists and a place out of time. It is the combination of all the spaces that creates this unique, almost magic, place … that the artists appreciate. It is also what convinces the team that the project will succeed because of its authenticity and ambitiousness. The project of the association is encouraged by the Commune of Savièse, because it promotes the diversity and the accessibility of culture (music, humour, improvisation,…). The team, specifically created for this project, is made of people who love culture, art and tourism and who believe in the achievement of this project that will benefit to the whole region.

This is what I need backing for.

The goal is to be able to finance the conception costs, the pre-project and the realisation of a renovation project that is coherent and sustainable. We need minimum CHF 60’000.-, ideally CHF 100’000.-. That money will allow us to cover the specific costs relative to the renovation of a barn in a multi-purpose theatre that includes 80 seats, 1 bar, 1 equipped stage. Our goal is to offer you more than 60 shows per year! «Today we have the chance to be supported by many institutions who made a commitment to finance a part of the infrastructures, but we also count a lot on the power of our community, with who we want to share this dream.» Around thirty rewards have been imagined so everyone can support us, but also continue to discover, share and experience amazing moments at La Grande Maison: discover them here with all the details :

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