La Maison de Tara provides a peaceful, family-like environment for people who are seriously ill and nearing the end of their life. We are raising money for the night-time care of our residents.

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A peaceful haven at the end of life

The mission of La Maison de Tara is to provide a peaceful, family-like environment for people who are seriously ill and nearing the end of their life.

Situated in a beautiful old family home in the Canton of Geneva, La Maison de Tara a non-profit, secular foundation. Each year, we depend on donor support to cover more than half the budget. The donated Solidarity Fund ensures that residents can be accepted regardless of their financial status.

Night attendants- providing care and kindness through the small hours

During the day, small teams drawn from the over 100 volunteers of the house help out with everything from laundry and garden work, to assisting residents and family with their needs and spending time together.

However, at night the responsibility of running the house is taken over by the night attendant on call. La Maison de Tara has a small team of three night attendants, Muriel, Chantal, and Noëlle one of whom stays at the house each night

Nights can be particularly difficult when you are seriously ill and away from home. In those quiet hours, the night attendant sees to all the residents’ needs and ensures that all is peaceful and comfortable for the hours of rest. All of this they do with a big heart, kindness and compassion.

We need your help!

Although La Maison de Tara receives financial support from local communes as well as foundations and businesses, more than half of its funding comes from individual donations.

Each donation, no matter big or small, helps us enormously in building this community project that provides a caring, home-like alternative to end-of-life care in Switzerland.

Your donation will go directly towards helping us to pay the salaries of the night attendant on call each night, therefore providing the residents of the house with care, support and company around the clock.

We thank you from all hearts for your generosity!