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The exhibition

The Museum of the Swiss Abroad will gladly participate in the celebration for the 200 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland, with an exclusive exhibition. This exhibition will highlight how multilateral links have been woven and forged over time and how Russian have viewed Switzerland, what discoveries they’ve made there, what they’ve taken from it and, at the end, what they’ve given back. As for Leo Tolstoï, Ivan Chichkine, Alexey von Jawlensky, Serguei Rachmaninov, Vladimir Nabokov, Ilya Repin, Marianne von Verefkin, Feodor Matveev, Nikolay Dubovskoy, Gerhardt von Reutern or Piotr Tchaïkovsky.


Our partners

This exhibitation was prepared on partnership with the best-known russian museums : Hermitage Museum, St-Petersburg Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Russian Museum , St-Petersburg Pushkin Museum, Moscow State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia , Moscow State Historical Museum, Moscow The Literary Museum, Moscow Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Kaluga Museum M.A. Vrubel, Omsk Radishchev Art Museum, Saratov State Art Museum, Nizhny-Novgorod State Archive of the Russian Federation, Moscow.

The catalogue

Your contribution will help us to publish this excluvive catalogue. It will resume the exhibition, the links bounding together Russia and Switzerland, and will be a repository of the Russian artists come in Switzerland. The catalogue will be in English, French and Russian.