Textile. Respect. Alternative. Mixing. Exchange

LA TRAME offers a place to meet and share around clothing.

Clothes are part of everyone’s lives, and at LA TRAME we want to value them and question them from every angle!

This project is supported by IDEE 21.

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Reinventing Social Structure

LA TRAME differs from the existing offer in Lausanne because it contains the following services in one place:

  • Self-service sewing machines, allowing everyone to repair by themselves.
  • Various textile workshops and courses based on the notion of exchange, transformation, repair and sharing.
  • A great mix of audiences, allowing in-depth reflection on the current textile situation aiming to find new solutions together. This place will be open to all, regardless of social status, age or cultural background.

One of the main objectives of LA TRAME is to allow everyone to experience a unique place with a variety of offers enriching social interactions. This is why this place is innovative and relevant in a town such as Lausanne.

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Building a Textile Community

Your support will allow us to bring this place to life by allowing us to acquire all the materials needed to equip the Atelier and set up the Café. LA TRAME will indeed be structured around the following four areas:

  • L’ATELIER Sewing machines and sewing equipment available on a self-service basis (hourly, monthly or yearly) as well as sewing and repair classes as well as themed workshops.

  • LE VESTIAIRE A wide range of second-hand clothes to shop or swap with clothes you no longer wear.

  • LE STOCK Second hand or end-of-line textiles as well as quality haberdashery at low prices.

  • LE CAFÉ A friendly space to drink a coffee or a cold tea, to meet people and share experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you in early 2022!

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