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LABISK.OT combines nature, performance and design to follow your everyday movements. Today I'm reaching out to you to launch the production of LABISK.OT x VICON capsule collection on pre-order.

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LABISK.OT activewear - the eco-sophisticated activewear brand for women

I decided to develop my own activewear brand for women in 2019. Living in Paris, shocked by the pollution and unable to find a responsible but feminine and fashionable brand, the idea of ​​LABISK.OT became obvious. LABISK.OT is:

  • A sustainable and 100% European brand
  • A brand founded by a woman for active women
  • Recycled and recyclable materials, including spandex
  • A product combining comfort, performance and design

The Botanical collection represents Swiss nature through feminine and sophisticated pieces to give women confidence. A comfortable and high-performance outfit - perfect to follow our movements all day long. The clothes are designed for any type of sport: yoga, gym, running, etc.

The little extra: The Flower Garden print was created from real flowers picked, dried and assembled in the Swiss countryside. An authentic and feminine print born from nature.

Today I’m doing a crowdfunding to finance my first LABISK.OT x VICON capsule collection :)

With love, Allegra

  • It's me Allegra, and a friend :)
    It's me Allegra, and a friend :)
  • The Botanical Collection
    The Botanical Collection
  • Creation of the Flower Print
    Creation of the Flower Print


THE FABRIC: The garments are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles from Italy (Turin) and 50% recycled spandex from pre-industrialized and eco-designed fibers from Germany. All products have craddle-to-craddle certification which means they are 100% recyclable too :) The fabric is made around Lyon at my supplier specializing in technical fibers. It holds the Oeko-tex Standard 100 certification.

THE PRODUCTION: The factory I work with is in Portugal, a country renowned for the manufacture of technical clothing. The factory holds SMETA and GOTS certifications which guarantee maximum excellence with environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. In addition, hazardous chemical components, such as heavy metals, toxic dyes, phytosanitary substances are not used in the workplace.

ECOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE: For many of us, recycled clothing is often associated with inferior quality. With Labisk.ot I would like to prove you the opposite: these clothes offer a second-skin feeling, they are quick-drying, breathable and moisture-wicking. The covid has impacted dress codes and Labisk.ot allows you to go from your sport activity to a daily outing in complete peace of mind.

  • The Production Chain
    The Production Chain
  • Photoshoot the Botanical Collection
    Photoshoot the Botanical Collection
  • The Manufacture
    The Manufacture

Why LABISK.OT needs you

If I am doing a crowdfunding today, it is because I need YOU. So far I have developed the Botanical collection and I want to readapt my Business Model by creating capsule collections for pre-orders 4 times a year in order to meet the needs of my customers, better manage my stocks and constantly innovate. I also want to incorporate the best production techniques, unique fabrics and explore the world of sport and well-being. To achieve this I have to build a relationship of trust with my factory and my fabric supplier by producing my first LABISK.OT x VICON capsule collection as well as the marketing to promote this new approach. This includes:

  • The purchase of raw materials
  • Design costs and production costs
  • Shipping costs from Portugal to Switzerland
  • Costs related to marketing and communication

To achieve this, I invite you to discover the rewards that I have concocted for you. Special offers with great partners, nutrition courses and Labisk.ot products for everyone :)