Dreamy state. Dreams are subject not only to the ego. Emancipated, responsible, idealistic and successful - but what motivates myself? Move by move, automatic, non-verbal, humorous and musical - in a collective process of theatre-creation, we’re guided by the rules of the surrealists.

With the mobile openair stage we’ll reach our audience in the back Swiss country regions. With the new play LAMPEDAME, we want to appeal adult ’makers’ and ’self-promoters’. From july to september 2018, minds will get illuminated in 20 cities and villages across Switzerland.

We are young authors / players and a ten-headed production team. We work with the director Philipp Boë. (Cyclope, 2012/14)

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What WE get!

The whole project costs around 200’000.- Chf. On tour we’ll be able to take 3/4 of the costs. (Government grants, foundations and entrance fees.) We’re already in the middle of the production: The stage construction on the trailer have been made and 30’000.- Chf have been invested.

On next step, YOU are bringing color to the play: We want to apply canvas and spotlights to the basic construction. We need a short-distance beamer to project animation videos. Not to forget: the sound equipment for the live music!

Our partner Antoine enjoys a lot of space for developing the designs. His surreal illustrations must now get worked out, colored and after programmed into 2D animations.

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What YOU get!

You’ll become a courageous co-maker and co-searcher for theater sparkles. There are exclusive souvenirs from our dream. On top, you can book LAMPEDAME to a special price for your own event!

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