A decorative object

We are two independent entrepreneurs who enjoy developing and realizing ornamental objects. In addition to project-related orders in the field of interior design, be it suspended ornamental ceilings or unusual lamps, we want to bring a product onto the market for the masses. The lantern Milano with its unique ornament captivates by its simple and simple form. The inside of both colour variants is refined with gold paint. This version of the lantern is designed for indoor use, not waterproof.

Dim. 185x185x700mm

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The slightly different lantern...

The Milano lantern is produced in cooperation with the Center for the Blind and Disabled in Berne.

We need support...

because we want to offer the Lantern Milano for a reasonable price. This can only be achieved by increasing the number of units. As already mentioned, we would work together with the carpenter’s workshop of the Center for the Blind and Disabled in Berne to support our handicapped fellow human beings. Thank you for your support