Contribute to launching Atelier 9, an independent jewellery studio and shop in Geneva. Nothing is lost, all is transformed, the motto of 3 jewellers taking over the shop of a retired colleague.

CHF 26’900

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 11/4/2021

Our project

We are a collective of three jewellers who are opening a shop, Atelier 9, in downtown Geneva. We would like Atelier 9 to be a place to showcase our jewellery and the work of other jewellers. We will provide services such as repairs, transforming jewellery and pieces made to order. On display you will find one-off pieces as well as small collections, made of precious and semi-precious materials.


At a time when attitudes are changing, we have noticed there are not enough jewellers who repair and transform existing jewellery in Geneva. A reassessment of the ways in which we consume seem esential, and we would like to be part of the change in culture.

Our suppliers are adapting and complying with environmental responsibility standards such as Fairtrade or Oekogold, we will offer our clients the choice of more sustainable and fairly sourced raw materials. We would like Atelier 9 to be a place where tradition and contemporary design meet.

With your help, we can:

1 Buy a laser welder. Repairs are an essential part of what we do. With the help of this machine we will be able to solder and repair pieces without having remove the stones or redo the gold plating. This will allow us to restore delicate pieces which we could not do without a laser welder. Likewise we will be able to make new jewellery without the limitations of traditional flame soldering.

2 Renovate the shop. After 23 years with the previous owner the shop needs refurbishing, the money we raise here will pay for remaining work left to do.