Dead Fangs

Dead Fangs - That’s the name of our new album

It will contain 6 brand new tracks, which we did compose and arrange with all the love we have for what we do and big hairy cats.

We aim to release somewhere in Spring 2022

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Sound, what a beautiful sonic vibratory phenomenon

Sound - musicality and compisitons put aside - occupies a crucial spot in our endeavour

That sound pushing out of our amps, crushing at every drumstick hit. That sound we permanently tweak

We aim to offer it in the best possible way and make the experience as intense as possible

We praise a high volume listening we will nevertheless note compromise the quality of the source material

And to make it sound good, we wish to make it with people who know of to make things sound good.

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Your Offerings

With your precious offerings, we will of course record that album, but we will make it with awesome people in awesome places, Check this out:

// Marco «Mk» Rivao from the legendary Samael and Sludge, as a producer // Recording at Phonotop in Renens, Switzerland // Mix by Jonathan Nuñez from Torche // Mastering by Alan Douches from WestWestSideMusic (Converge, Mastodon, Zeal & Ardor)

But that’s not all, you will also help us to:

// Produce tasty T-Shirts and Hoodies
// Press a batch CD of the album // Diffuse and promote the whole stuff on most of the digital platforms