No WIFI, running water or electricity: just you, a book and a glass of wine in front of the stove or in a Finnish bath under the stars. Disconnect to better reconnect with each other.

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Concluded on 24/4/2022

Disconnect.Reconnect. A timeless interlude.

The «Gold of Time» kota, because even with all the gold in the world, time is the one thing no one can buy.

On our trip to Canada in 2017, we experienced self-sufficient living in a cabin without water or electricity, for 2 months of winter at -25 degrees. We have never been so happy and free. This interlude out of time brought us so much in our couple and freed our spirit that we wanted to share it with you in our own way.

And why a Finnish kota and not a log cabin? Because in 2014 we discovered this little atypical cabin during our honeymoon in Finnish Lapland. Integrating the kota in this project is a way to share with you a part of our story and to make you travel a little bit!

In an over-connected world where we live at 100km/h, the need to escape for a few days to reconnect with simplicity becomes vital.

The strengths of our project

We will offer a unique experience around the concept of letting go of the daily grind and rediscovering the simple things in life: a fire to curl up in front of, enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine while admiring the night, finally reading that book you’ve been wanting to read for a while, meeting up with your lover and taking the time to reconnect with each other.

If you want to live the experience to the full, then a small safe will be at your disposal to put your smartphone in and take up the challenge of 100% disconnection. And beware of the one who cracks up! He will receive a small token from us! :-D

So, your days will no longer be punctuated by the sounds of your notifications but only by your desires of the moment and the natural light of the day.

A Finnish bath and a wood-fired sauna will help you to let go and simple, tasty candlelit meals delivered to your doorstep will take care of your stomach.

The concept is designed to be as respectful as possible: instead of the 150l of water used daily by a European citizen, 9l of drinking water per guest will be made available for drinking and washing, like in our Canadian experience. No electricity or WIFI; candles for light and a stove for heat.

This project offers a return to simplicity, and encourages a natural rhythm of life, away from the stress of schedules and technology. It comes as close as possible to responsible and local consumption while offering a high level of comfort with its infrastructure designed for well-being and letting go.

How your funding will be used

In concrete terms, the complex will be located in our orchard, and the concept will consist of a Finnish kota of 9m2 with two annexes of 4m2 each. A cosy living space organised around a central stove, a bedroom with a comfortable double bed and a bathroom equipped with all the necessary facilities: dry and ecological toilet, basin supplied by a small water tank and an old-fashioned bath (basin and carafe, the water will be heated on the stove). Opposite the kota, a sauna installed in a hundred year old henhouse completely transformed. In the middle of the two buildings there will be a terrace with a Finnish wood-fired bath, Canadian chairs and a barbecue area to enjoy the fresh air.

All the products on offer will be exclusively local or Swiss, from champagne to hygiene products, as the short cycle and the limitation of waste are particularly important to us.

This timeless interlude will benefit from a privileged location in a green setting in the heart of the village of Alle, which will make it an ideal starting point for discovering the region.

The first goal of CHF 40,000 will finance the structural work carried out by a company, the purchase of the 17m2 kota, the wooden terrace, part of the furnishings and the costs associated with the Wemakeit platform.

The second goal of CHF 55,000, or an additional CHF 15,000, will allow the conversion of the chicken coop into a sauna, the purchase of a high-quality Finnish bath and the final touches to the furnishings, which will help create the ideal atmosphere for total immersion.

We would like to open it to visitors in autumn 2022.

So if you are inspired by this unique project, support us and be part of the adventure!