We promote a concept where installations of urban analog photographs are decorated with graffiti art during a public performance. Be a part of our 2020 event!


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Concluded on 11/11/2020

Graffiti art meets photography

We have teamed up in order to build a project that would open the process of art creation to the people from the streets in cities around the world. With this project, we promote a concept where installations of urban analog photographs are decorated with graphical art inspired by graffiti during a public performance. The exhibition we will present is dedicated to street photography and to everyday life in the streets of European cities. It is our intent to represent the vibrancy of the street, not in a single image, but in a series of images. Moments that never come alone will be blended together in a meta-artwork. The focus is on everyday people presented through their everyday activities that create life in the constantly changing time frame and in their dialogue with each other and with the city.

Our motivations

We are highly motivated to achieve several goals:

  1. To encourage artists to join our community and to fulfill their potential for working as strong individuals within a group moving towards a common goal

  2. To bring the creation of art to the streets, to make it accessible to people in the form of a public performance

  3. To display the local atmosphere, we exhibit the graffiti decorated photographs via collaboration with a local artist

  4. Artists will be inspired to join together in dynamic collaborations, rather than working on their own in isolation

Event and Exhibition

After the selection of the photos, the photo series will be printed in different sizes and put together in an installation of a 3m x 2m rectangle, thus creating a large canvas for the graffiti artist. The graffiti artist will spray-paint across the photographic installation in a live performance. We aim to collaborate with local artists - perfect candidates to express the atmosphere in the local society, especially among the younger generation.

Berlin 2019

The creative collective Le Monde Analogue had their first public performance in March 6th 2019, Berlin. The exhibition, carrying the collective’s name, took place in the gallery Art Stalker featuring artistic fusion between graffiti and analog street photography. 39 photographers from 20 different countries presented their work, which celebrates street as the place of action, the everyday life of people as well as exciting events. Showing thereby the place where people connect and meet while transiting from one place to the other. The exhibition presented a plethora of analog techniques, from lomography, to the usage of «psychodelic blues»-film. While effects of film photography often gave a vintage feeling to the street atmosphere, double exposures tend to display the dynamics of the street and overlapping moments. The presence of graffiti brings forward another concept. In the street, people may only be looking at the floor, but graffiti transforms the street into an art gallery, forcing them to engage with street life.

My project is special because ...

The project presents three main concepts:

Abandon the anonymity

Bringing the street to the art gallery in the form of photography. Like a Canvas - a place where street artists found a space, where their art is not persecuted, criminalized or destroyed by urban standardization - therefore abandon the anonymity.


Addressing the difficulties of collaborative work, in a field where subjectivity and freedom are central. The photographer allows his art to be modified by the graffiti line and the street artist must respect the essence of the photography. In other words - both sacrifice freedom for a meta artwork which combines two differently focused art styles.

Loss of street art in urban standards

When the individual photographs are separated from the gravitational center of the graffiti, the idea of a whole is dismantled, but forever marked with the shared memory. In short, the collaboration between graffiti and analog photography is a natural one, both share the unpredictability of their results.

This is what I need backing for.

We are raising funds to organize the new event/exhibition of Le Monde Analogue, in Goettingen, Germany. The opening event will take place in December 2020.

More specifically, the raised money will be used for:

  • purchasing of the required materials,
  • necessary preparations like printing, framing and installing the images,
  • material required for exhibiting the artwork,
  • advertising the project and the event via social media,
  • gallery expenses.

Taking it further - Our long-term goal is not only to move this event but also to spread this concept all over Europe. One of the things we dream about is having such performance in several cities at the same time and simultaneously show an art live stream. Images will be for sale in order to accomplish the self-sustainability of the project.