Help us develop our on-farm educational program! Objectives: set up a processing workshop and create an immersive educational space.

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Le Petit Sécheron is growing!

We cultivate community through food, education and wellness. Today, to fulfill this mission, we’re expanding our on-farm educational program. We’re transforming one of our vegetable greenhouses into an immersive educational space, and equip a cooking workshop to better welcome children and families.

Back to the land

We are Christel and Kaunda! We’ve been back in Switzerland for 8 years now, preserving the vitality and heritage of Christel’s family farm. We left our lives and careers in New York (in the hotel and events business) to choose the path of entrepreneurship, working the land and a life full of meaning. After several training courses and the birth of our son, our second baby was born - Le Petit Sécheron!

Today, we are driven by the idea of gathering, exchanging, learning and taking care. We started this project for our family, and today we love sharing the joys of farm life with our community.

To make this project a reality, we need your support

Your support is crucial to the realization of this project!

Part of the investment is covered by our own funds. Today, we’re counting on you to help us spread the word about this project beyond our own resources, and to build this long-term, sustainable adventure together.

Here’s how your contributions will be well invested:

  • CHF 25,000 to set up an educational workshop on the farm. Here, children and families can discover how to eat well thanks to our fruit and vegetables and other local produce. Family cooking classes, nutrition education and fun activities for you and your children!

  • CHF 10,000 to transform one of our greenhouses into a magical place of learning. You’ll be able to discover how plants grow, the importance of living things, meet nature and learn how to use your ten fingers. In all the seasons!

  • CHF 5,000 for educational boards and other materials: these funds will be used to install educational panels on the farm, providing valuable information on sustainable farming techniques, the life cycle of plants and biodiversity.

Every contribution brings us closer to our goal!

Join us on this journey of development and learning at Petit Sécheron. Together, we are cultivating this agricultural heritage that enables us to combine food, sustainability, education and well-being - because that’s what health is all about!