At the start of 2020 we want to open the first Leihlager in Basel – a library of things, where you can borrow great objects at low prices: Tools, kitchen utensils, camping equipment and much more!

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Successfully concluded on 26/11/2019

Leihlager: coming soon!

You want to put up a new shelf, but don’t have a drill? Or throw a party, but still need decorations? Or go for a holiday in the mountains, and are looking for a tent? At the Leihlager, our library of things, you will be able to borrow quality items at a fair price – exactly when you need them!

At the start of 2020 we want to open the first Leihlager in Basel. We’ll take care of the storage and maintenance, you’ll take care of the borrowing: pick up and return your desired objects conveniently at our central location. With a yearly membership, or as a one-off customer, you will be able to reserve items in our online catalogue and borrow them for a week.

From tools and gardening machinery to camping, kitchen and cleaning equipment, as well as drones and foldable canoes, we will have everything on offer your heart desires!

Sharing is the new buying!

Today, an average European household owns about 10,000 items – many of which lie around unused in the basement, or take up space at home. According to studies, a household drill, for example, is only used for eleven minutes in its entire life cycle.

By opening a library of things, we want to encourage a consumer culture in which we increasingly use things instead of just owning them. When we borrow, we can save money and space in our basements, and at the same time we save resources and take care of the planet. Besides, sharing just makes us happy :)

We need YOU

As a first step we want to start with a one-year pilot project. For this stage we need some seed money to build up the necessary infrastructure. With your support we can build shelves, pay rent, create an online catalogue and acquire great objects. If we can raise even more money than we hope for, we would also love to invest in a cargo bike, with which we could even deliver items directly to your home.

We are also still looking for volunteers to become part of our Leihlager Team (uniform included, of course). If you are interested, please contact us at

We are really excited and thank you a million for your support!