«les mouchoirs – the handkerchiefs»A dance-it-yourself ballet.A magical ballet for dancers from 7 to 77! Dance with us! Or donate to make the dance happen!


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Concluded on 24/3/2014

The ballet «les mouchoirs» – what’s that?

A swan who cannot swim, a mumified pharao driving a Ferrari, Plim, Plam and Plum, the beautiful japanese dancers, and many more…

In «les mouchoirs» life is symbolised by a little square of cloth, a hanky. To blow your nose, to clutch it, when you are nervous, to dry tears, and – think of it – a piece of white cloth is at the beginning of your life and at the end.

A white cloth is also the usual aid in all the household duties. Life is intimately connected with the hanky.

«les mouchoirs» is a ballet that goes for the magic of the handkerchief.

The music is baroque, and we even have a musician playing the pochette, the ballet master’s violin.

There will be several workshops to convert the dream of a corps de ballet, and I would love to mix professional dancers, students, children and elder people who like to dance.

The Première will be performed at Bad Ragaz in July 2015. The stunning surroundings of the Taminaschlucht and the thermal waters are making the place most attractive for ballet dancers.

Ballet is an art. Ballet is a world. And ballet is inspiring. My project is also full of humour.

Why you should back this project:

It’s a unique ballet project, allowing people to experience ballet in its most creative form.

I promise a lot of hard work (that’s ballet!), but also a lot of fun. You will learn to be as graceful as a cat, to move your body and your heart towards more harmony. What more do you want? Ballet is life, life pure!

What do you get for your money?

The money you donate is needed for workshops, room rent, teaching, decoration, musician, …

Nice presents will be yours!