This is what it's all about.

The Tanz Fabrik Dance intensive program, it is :

  • 10 months long dance training, all styles and categories, different workshops with many choreographers,
  • Opportunities to create, with other participants, our own work,
  • Shows of our work in the « Bits and Pieces », three times a year.

Here is a link to get more informations if you are curious :

My project is special because ...

The work I’ll be doing at the Tanz Fabrik makes me want to pass on my passion for dance through: creativity and creation of my own work: my own creative universe will be enriched with the « Bits and Pieces » shows. workshops: I offer workshops as a reward for your contribution. Through them I’ll have to imagine my own way of passing on what I’ve been learning in the Tanz Fabrik. Dance is a way to open one’s mind to new conceptions of one’s body. How can my spirit allow my body to dance?

This is what I need backing for.

The money represents a major parts of the 10 months grant: EUR 330 monthly school fees = EUR 3300.