The Freedomer App is to help everyone join in the mission to end modern slavery & to make sure no humans have been harmed in the making of the products they buy, help build A World Made in Freedom

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For a World Made in Freedom

We, at slavefreetrade, need your help to make The Freedomer App, the very first of its kind, designed to help you, the consumer, generate support to ensure no humans are harmed in the making of the goods you buy. A way to tell brands you want them to act better. And then to access a marketplace for brands, products and services that are Made in Freedom.

What is the Freedomer App?

We are building the Freedomer App to be a community platform for like-minded consumers to get together and use their combined voice to demand better working conditions for the world’s most vulnerable. If you want your favourite things to be made without modern slavery, this is the way to voice it. As a Freedomer, you can use the App to petition your favourite brands for more transparency about manufacturing facilities, mount campaigns, gather support for your campaign, even host chats with other people & experts and help usher in an end to modern slavery. You can build momentum with other Freedomers joining you within the app as well as through social media. Engage in dialogue with like-minded consumers and industry experts to keep track of how companies are performing on social sustainability metrics as they listen to their workers.

In order to create the App we are raising CHF 30,000 to: -code the app -drive the awareness for the App

  • produce and share quality content from industry experts over the first 6 months of the launch

If we get CHF 50,000, we will be able to translate the app in different languages, add features like product traceability and expand coverage.

We have designed the App screens as of now and are currently optimising the App user flow. Later iterations of the App will include the ability to scan objects to determine its Made In Freedom rating, creating a marketplace of slavefree products and services so you know you are making the right choice.

Donate to End Modern Slavery:
In order to create the App we are raising CHF 30,000 to: -code the app -drive the awareness for the App

  • Produce and Share quality content from industry experts over the first 6 months of the launch

If we get CHF 50,000, we will be able to start translating the app in different languages and expand the coverage more broadly.

The majority of raised donations will be used to design and develop the Freedomer App and manage costs attached to coding, hiring the right infrastructure for data storage, and maintaining its privacy and security.

Once we have fine-tuned the App and released it to the general public, consumers around the globe will be able to use their voice to help fight and eradicate modern slavery. 

As a token of thanks to our donor supporters, we have created an exclusive, limited edition set of ’I am a Freedomer’ giveaways that we hope will serve as a reminder of your being a partner to this cause.

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What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery is the exploitation of the labor of others. Even though the historical form of slavery as most of us understand it has been outlawed almost everywhere, it has actually just been outsourced and off-shored. Nearly 50 million people around the world still live in modern slavery, and 152 million children toil in inhumane and unsafe conditions, subjected to discrimination and harassment, and paid exploitative wages. These are just a few of the many dangers millions of people face just to survive. And contrary to what most people believe, modern slavery is not a problem that only occurs in developing countries. Modern slavery is on the rise even in the most developed countries in the world, and the covid pandemic is making tens of millions of people even more vulnerable to it.

A disproportionate number of these people are women and children who work in deplorable conditions, toiling long hours without rest, without medical care and without social support systems. Many are forced to work without the ability to negotiate labor contracts and are poorly compensated based on their ethnicity or social status. In many workplaces, minors are employed illegally. Thus, children, the most vulnerable among us, endure cruel conditions that rob them of their childhood and draw them into a chain of abuse that is passed from one generation to the next.

Who is slavefreetrade?

slavefreetrade is a non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland, with the goal of creating a World Made in Freedom(TM). We are a Swiss NGO supported by over 120 volunteers from 45 nations around the globe. And we are proud to say that >60% are female! We envision a world where modern slavery is abolished in every workplace and goods and services are produced without harming anyone. We have developed the world’s first international human rights-based technology platform to help manufacturers and retailers assess and monitor human rights conditions in their workplaces around the world - in real time, at any time. But we can’t do this alone. We believe that consumers - 67% of whom don’t want to buy things made in modern slavery - are the most important stakeholders who can influence and build positive pressure on companies to ensure decent working conditions for all their employees, everywhere. Until now, most consumers don’t know how to make a difference and have no way to communicate their desire to brands.

This is why we are developing The Freedomer App, which we plan to launch in the second half of 2021. We invite you, the consumer, to join us in voicing the demand for slave-free goods and holding companies accountable for how their employees are treated.  

  • Meet our global team
    Meet our global team
  • Meet our global team
    Meet our global team
  • Limited edition, exclusive donor give-aways
    Limited edition, exclusive donor give-aways