Lindsay, 1 year performance

von Alessio


The goal of this experiment was reflecting about the relationships - the love - between ourself and objects, thought as serial products. Through your contributions I am going to exhibit the project.

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A film stills story

The series of film stills is an attempt to dissolve art and life into one. Through long and obsessive series of performances I developed a strong emotional connection to a product, to Lindsay the Love doll. I inflated Lindsay during one year and took her with me everywhere I went. From the first day I took care of her: we were travelling together and living together. My life became her life and through her presence, I could document our experiences and encounters. The journey we took was a search for home: the factory where Lindsay was produced is in China. We travelled together from Buenos Aires to Chile, and then to Shanghai on board of a containership. From there we searched for factories and discovered Chinese culture. After a last stop in Japan and Switzerland, the performance came to its end, exactly one year after it began. A finite time frame in order to keep an obsession under control.


Lindsay provoked emotions – offenses, inappropriateness, jealousy but also kindness and happiness. Love is an egoistic emotion – by giving her my love she became love to me, she became a projection and bearer of emotions. She travelled, she danced, she posed, she hugged, she kissed. She never had her own emotions but she gave people the chance to express theirs.

Exhibition and Support

This coming 9th January there will be the opening of the exhibition of Lindsay at the Photobastei Zürich. For this special occasion we will appreciate your support, so we will be able to cover the cost of the production of the exhibition and the post-production of the «Making of Lindsay» short documentaryfilm that will be also displayed during the event. You can give your support by buying the gadgets of Lindsay. Delivery before Christmas guaranteed! Thank you to everyone!