«House Beating» already today!By Body Architects Dance!, on 7/10/2015 00:41


Firstly – big thank You for all the support! We are almost there and it feels extremely uplifting!

And to follow – I would love to invite You to a special event. Our PREMIERE!

House Beating

A powerful dance/music/architecture/live installation performance with 8 people…

We start today on 19:30 at Anton Bruckner University Foyer

But You can also watch LIVE STREAMING from any place in the world at dorftv.at!!!!


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Big thank to all of You!By Body Architects Dance!, on 19/9/2015 19:12

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Big thanks to You…

from the bottom of our hearts. It is happening… We are truly heading in the right direction. Definitely closer than ever to realising the project!

We only need few supporters more!

So if You were so kind to help us also with spreading the word! That would be absolutely fantastic! Still there are those awesome rewards such as early bird dance workshop participation (45) or private teaching 3h (200), or a souvenir from Uganda (60, 250)…

And I would like to share with You two upcoming performances:

«When they travel at the speed of light, AMONG the light»
20:00, 25.09 and 26.09 in Warsaw (Komuna/Warszawa)


«House Beating»
evening, 7.10 in Linz (in front of Anton Bruckner University)


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We have started with it!By Body Architects Dance!, on 10/9/2015 13:53

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Hello Everybody!

First of all we would like to thank a lot the current supporters!

It has begun now and we will post plenty of interesting information about the project and about us! Follow the project on facebook

Technically not able to support?

For those of you who so not have a Credit Card or an account in German speaking countries –> here is an account number of «Kampala Project Support Group» . From there I will transfer everything to the campaign!

Hygin Delimat

IBAN: AT73 3400 0000 0508 5246



And here are some pictures from «Creatures» (Solo, 2013, with Hannes Kerschbaumer) by a great photographer, Mirek Dworczak:


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