I want to create a WEB platform for viewing tours live. Thanks to live broadcasts, travel becomes available to everyone and in every point of the globe where there is Internet.

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Concluded on 6/3/2023

Live tours live

Hi! My name is Roman Dada! I am from Ukraine, from the city of Odessa. This is a wonderful tourist city by the sea, where I started the idea and implementation of my project «Living Tours». Since 2012 I started organizing tours in Odessa. I organized recreation and entertainment. I met people at the train station and the airport, brought them to the hotel and then we went on a tour of the city according to the tour program. Every day my tourists had a schedule. During the day we would go on excursions and visit the sea, and in the evening I would take them to the night clubs in Odessa. My main task was to organize all the processes of the vacation. I worked with tour companies, hotels, night clubs, restaurants and other companies for entertainment. I really enjoyed organizing tours, as I could work on my own and did it well. But it didn’t last long because in 2014 we had a coup d’état and tourism changed dramatically. It did not work as well as before, as people were no longer going to Odessa as before. I was content with small excursion groups, which gave me nothing to earn. This is how I tried to work until 2019, until I completely lost hope for the best in tourism in my city. I was severely depressed, which gave me a reassessment of my life. Earlier, I had the idea of compiling all my life observations into one book, as I saw many patterns. And within a month I had written my masterpiece called «Future Puzzles». And one of the points of my book was to change the place of my residence for the time of realization of myself. I decided to go to Kiev, it is the capital of Ukraine and to try myself there, as it is a huge city and there are more opportunities. I got a job at one of the wellness hotels as a masseur, as previously I completed a masseur course in Odessa to earn extra income. I was very lucky, as I was given accommodation in a deluxe room and three meals a day. Those were the cool months. Sitting in my room after work I was still thinking about tourism, how to develop further. And one evening I wondered how I should conduct tours and excursions for a large number of people. And then I had a brilliant idea: why not conduct tours live. Because it would still be a live tour and I could get thousands of people from different countries. People wouldn’t have to spend their time and money on expensive trips to see the architecture of the cities and listen to the history of the city. I was so excited about the idea that after a couple of weeks I quit my good job and went back to my city of Odessa. But I didn’t know how to do live tours, and even on my website and to have it broadcast from my phone. I experimented for a year and eventually I made good progress. I bought a good stabilizer for my phone so the picture wouldn’t run and tried dozens of paid programs that broadcast to my website. This gave me the opportunity to give tours of museums. This became especially relevant in 2020 during the pandemic. I worked with museums in Odessa to show free tours to entertain people. I want to create a WEB platform where different tours will be broadcasted, as well as an app for tour guides so they can give live tours. All the broadcasts will be on one site. And anyone who wants to watch a tour, will be able to go to the site and watch live the desired tour. On the platform there will be tours from different cities and museums at the same time. People will have the opportunity to travel from different parts of the world to different cities and countries without leaving home and without spending money on a trip. The Living Tours platform will bring people together, as people will begin to see how other people live and learn about other people’s cultures. We’ve all always dreamed of being transported instantly to another place for a while.

Now I am in Switzerland and I want to realize my project in this friendly country. And maybe, thanks to you, I will succeed.

This type of travel is available to everyone

Thanks to live broadcasts, travel becomes available to everyone and in every point of the globe where there is Internet. This is a real opportunity to visit various excursions in different countries of the world. It doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Since you can watch all the excursions at home in your free time.

This is what I need backing for.

The collected funds will be used to develop a Web site and a phone application where excursions will be broadcast live. An application will also be created for guides to broadcast their excursions. Next, you will need to do a lot of work to connect the guides themselves in cities and museums. Conduct an advertising campaign.