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by Roman


Hi everyone, live tours are a super idea that gives everyone without exception to visit tourist spots in different places of our planet. This is my Startup and I am asking for help to realize it.


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Concluded on 10/12/2023

Live excursions in your favorite European countries

Hello everyone! My name is Roman Dada! I am a mechanical engineer in food technology by education. But like many others after five years of university we realize that we want to do something else. So I after the institute I got a job in a bank as a manager of consumer loans. And after three years of working in banks, I decided to change my occupation, because I felt out of place. I started to study the tourism market in my city Odessa in Ukraine. And opened a small travel agency to organize recreation in my city. I received guests of the city and arranged their vacations, from checking into the hotel, meals to entertainment in nightclubs. I like to create something new and useful, which is not yet on the market. And in 2019, I wondered how I could host thousands of people at the same time. And one late night I came up with the idea of gathering everyone for a live tour. I was very much interested in this idea and started to realize it. I was faced with the fact that it requires programming knowledge, which I don’t have and a lot of other things. I did a lot of work and through third party resources I started to conduct my first online tours on my website. But now these resources are no longer working and the opportunity to develop the project without financial support is not possible. We need to develop our own new resource that allows tour guides from different countries to conduct live broadcasts of their tours on one platform. So, in short, what is my project about? My project is about how people from different parts of our country can travel to the most desirable places in Europe and beyond without leaving home. You will be able to travel thanks to live broadcasts to different cities and countries. Together with a guide you will walk through the sights of different cities, see everything with your own eyes and hear everything with your own ears. You will not need to spend huge money on traveling and spend a huge amount of time to visit another country or city. You will be able to take a very interesting tour right from your home or any place where you have internet. Your laptop or smartphone will be your traveling assistant and we will be your eyes and ears.

My project is special because ...

Thanks to our live tours, many people will be able to travel even if it is physically and financially impossible. After all, the cost of a live tour starts from just 2 euros. It is very convenient, everyone will be able to visit live those places where they have already been or want to visit. Perhaps you or your loved ones are not able to travel, and this kind of tourism is the only possibility. Join us and be the one to lay a brick in the foundation of a wonderful project.

This is what I need backing for.

  • to create an application for tour guides that will help to broadcast tours on https://www.liveexcurs.com/.
  • purchase equipment for tour guides (stabilizers and microphones)
  • advertise on social networks
  • pay for the launch of the first tours