Be part of Charlotte Noires second curly hair brand launch! With you, our dreams can be realized, one Charlotte at a time.

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Concluded on 9/9/2023

Curly Products We Can Be Proud Of

Whaaaat! A Swiss curly hair brand ! In this world of so much choice, how many Swiss curly hair brands have you seen? How many friends with curly hair have struggled with finding the right product? The communities continue to diversify and Charlotte Noire would like to be a part of the curly persons journey. Since Charlotte Noires infancy, the growth has been organic but not without the help of family, friends and you all, the Charlottes!

This DREAM that you are helping to realize is larger than where it began. It grew from a seed so tiny that its growth has been more than astonishing but organic and real.

With the Wemakeit campaign, Charlotte Noire will be able to have a second launch that shares with you our new curl products. With your help, we will be able to launch four new products this year. We need to raise 30’000 CHF in order to launch more products for you!!! It is a huge dream to share Curl-Knowledge with the curly hair community and its friends.

Born From A Birth,,,

…And that’s what makes it special. Knowing me, Jessica the founder, you know that Charlotte Noire was born after the death of my son and the birth of Maxine, so this life project is super magical !

Imagine finding all the curly hair products right here in Switzerland or Europe? Most of the curly hair products used in Europe are imported from the United States. Let’s change that! There is no reason why Charlotte Noire isn’t on the shelves of ALL the department stores that you love.

We envision a world filled with curly-conscious communities, where everyone whose hair bends, curls or tightly twists has access to everything they need to take care of their crown.

With your help, your contribution will continue community growth that Charlotte Noire has worked to cultivate in the last 3 plus years. Along with the product line, we have our hair salon located in Geneva. In our salon, diversity in curls is essential to the fabric of our ethos. We have the privilege to share curl experiences around the world with the community that we serve. We are confident that with your help, we will be launching your styling products in no time.

This Is Where Your Contribution Matters

We will use the funds to finish productions on the next set of products. This includes: Graphics Bottles Storage Transport Packaging

We have already started to develop the next set of products. We will be able to speed up production with your help. Make your contribution(s), then get your rewards !!!