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Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer!

Es fehlen nur noch knapp CHF 1500 - merci vielmals.

Und was mit Lobbywatch möglich ist, zeigt der Sonntagsblick: Kollege Florian Imbach hat sich unsere Daten zur Gesundheitspolitik angeschaut, hier das Ergebnis:

Herzlich, Sylke
Sylke Gruhnwald le 29.9.2014 02:12
Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer! Wir haben die nächste Hürde genommen - mehr als CHF 7000. Lieben Dank für Eure Mithilfe! Noch haben wir 35 Tage Zeit - das schaffen wir dank Euch! Herzlich, Sylke
Sylke Gruhnwald le 28.9.2014 05:41
Hi Yuhe,

Thank you for your comment and your enduring support. We have several issues in the pipeline:
(i) We'd like to progress on the data reporting.
(ii) We'd like to visualise the networks but haven't decided on the technology yet. We did a dataviz project at Neue Zürcher Zeitung, pls have a look here
(iii) We'd like to offer the page in different languages.

Merci, Sylke
Sylke Gruhnwald le 19.9.2014 09:40
User 4 small
Thanks to make this project alive, I think we need it.
Will it be a French, Italian and English version of the site ?
What technology will you use to make the implementation of data visualization of the networks ? This is something very interesting. I think lobby is already a good start, but the link between the industry, the politicians and the people are not always very clear and straightforward, and visualization tools could really help. This should reveal big nodes..... and points where the real power lies.
It could be very interesting also to be able to reproduce/introduce the same informations for the lower levels (cantons and cities).
Yuhe le 19.9.2014 09:24
Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer! Ganz herzlichen Dank für diesen fulminaten Start! Herzlich, Sylke
Sylke Gruhnwald le 19.9.2014 07:59