This is what it's all about..

Sajeeva (the owner of the English school) and his sister started the school 20 years ago with 2 kids in the neighbourhood and at this moment the local English school counts 200 local students with Sajeeva and his two assistant teachers. The kids get thought in a unfinished concrete building surrounded by big walls. It is far from safe and beneficial. The classrooms are set up with old wooden tables and plastic chairs.

There is one whiteboard and an ipad which Marco brought one of his first visits but except of that there are not much more useful educational materials. This we think, definitely needs an update and can be done with your & our help..

The money invested will be used to paint the outside wall of the school together with the kids in beautiful colors, painting animals, nature, the ocean. Next to that there is a lot of work to do on the building itself. There are a lot of walls that need to be stabilized and finished/rendered. We would like to invest in natural materials as well like bamboo and plants to create safe but natural walls. Next to that the classrooms can use a big update. There is no space for the school materials. We would love to make lockers for all the books. Maybe every kid can have his own locker with his school materials. Also this is very poor and your money will be invested into educational materials like English books, note blocks, markers, pencils and maybe even a playground.

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Our project is special because..

Sri Lanka has been a quiet undiscovered paradise but like all over the world things are changing and Sri Lanka is moving forward quickly as more and more people discover its myriad charms. So NOW is the time to start a healthy collaboration between the local people and the upcoming population of tourist. We can work together and learn form each other, exchange our knowledge in a respectful way and build our way up to a more loving world. Start local to evolve global.

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world and build a better future. A child who is able to follow a good education has the opportunity to change his life. Living a sustainable lifestyle is a process of learning by doing what we once knew and have forgotten over many generations. The most important change that can lead to living an authentically sustainable life is a change in our mind set.

With creative open minded classes like meditation, yoga, art, music, gardening, local crafting, recycling, Ayurveda and English language we hope to let the kids reconnect with there inner self to expand there knowledge and love into this world. We would like to build a solid foundation for the Sri Lankan kids, starting with the Oxpo English School to grow and expand the local knowledge and integrate it in there daily lives. Share, integrate, act, connect, grow. Organically and positive. By teaching the young generation the benefits of learning the English language, being creative and reconnecting to there Sri Lankan roots we hope to set an example of how education can be.


This is what we need backing for..

With your support we will be able to rebuild/upgrade the English school. To make it a safe and beautiful place for the local kids to set a solid step into their own future and with that the future of others. By making use of natural materials to rebuild the school like wood, bamboo, and palmtrees and with a look into the local architecture we will create a safe environment for the kids. With your help we will be able to provide school materials like books, pens, markers, whiteboards, proper tables and chairs. As well as buying the materials needed to rebuild the school. Like wood, tools, bamboo, plants etc

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