A psychological thriller

» Regarde ce que tu as fait ! « tells the story of a man, Jacob, who finds himself confronted with his heinous deeds. While Kendra, a psychologist, tries to make him aware of his actions, Jacob denies his responsibility and claims his innocence. He describes a stranger’s presence who follows him everywhere and who acts on his own. The discussion between Jacob and Kendra will bring up some controversy. Through the rational psychologist’s mind who will enounce the theory of schizophrenia, Jacob will make us doubt ourself and open the question of the existence of a malicious force that manipulated him.

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Enter the film’s madness…

«Regarde ce que tu as fait !» exposes discomfort and questions our actions. Do you believe in the existence of «evil» embodied by an invisible force or do you believe in the mental illness that leads man to do evil? The theme of the film challenges us and opens various discussions. It delicately reaches our moral limits and we wander between belief and mental illness. In the Middle Age, we thought people were possessed by evil but today, they are possessed by disease. Is it madness that generates evil or evil that generates madness? The film will give rise to a wide range of opinions. The directing and the mood will give the spectator the choice to make his own and intimate conclusions.

To make this film happen, we need you !

Your support will help us provide catering to the crew on set, rent the equipment (so we can make this film look marvellous), buy the props which will serve to create a realistic atmosphere, and finally to pay the actors. Indeed, they are travelling from London just to be part of this project.

This project is already partially supported by our actors and the director who, for now, participate without earning back. However, for this film to be set up and come to life, we need help from our contributors.