The Project

«Losing Leonie» is a dance performance. It will be created from the 31th of august to the 14th of October 2015, date of it’s premiere. It will last one hour and involves five performers. It will be performed in the Theater Heitere Fahne in Bern. Through physicality, text and a specially created music composition, the audience will enter an imaginary city.

Losing Leonie takes inspiration from both our own experiences in urban settings and Italo Calvino’s novel «Le città invisibili» . The piece will be set in a game structure that uncovers the process of decision taking, the illusion of choice and its consequences.

The stage will be covered with plastic bags, like a sea of garbage. This image is inspired by the city of «Leonie» in Calvino’s novel. This city uses everyday new objects and discards them the next day. The set design underlines contemporary behaviors on consumerism and environment.

Losing Leonie is a european creation that enquires about the future and the development of cities. The research is based on the performers’s relationships with their cities: Amsterdam, Naples, London, Zurich, Madrid, Marseille.

The piece deals with thematics of global importance such as: urban development, pollution, consumerism, responsibilities and social behaviors.

The members

  • Marion Zurbach, Artistic Director: She had worked for Maurice Béjart, the Theater of Florence, the National Ballet of Marseille and the Bern Ballet. She’s currently doing a Master in Performing Arts Practice at the HKB school of Bern.
  • Kathrin Yvonne Bigler, Dramaturge: She is co-director of the company «Bottlefed» and part of the collective «Frei _Raum». She works internationally as a director, performance artist, dance dramaturge, writer and workshop facilitator.
  • Irene Andreetto, Dancer/Manager: She had worked for the Ballet Basel and the Bern Ballet, she’s currently doing a master of Dance Science at the University of Bern.
  • Vittorio Bertolli, Dancer, Assistent: He has worked for the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, il Teatro alla Scala of Milano, the Aterballetto, the Bern Ballet and he’s a ’Flaying Low’ teacher.
  • Maria Demandt, Fhunyue Gao, Peter Cripps Clark, Dancers: They had worked for state companies like the Konzert Theater Bern or the Scottish Dance Theatre before joining Unplush.
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Why do we need your help

With CHF 2000, we will be able to cover our cost for:

  • the set
  • some costumes
  • the flyers

If with your help we can go over CHF 2000, the money will go on the account of Unplush and will be used to support our next productions.

Thank you so much for your time, attention and help!