Love is everywhere!

It is some pure and powerful force at the centre of our existence and yet has remained an undiscovered secret. What is love? Interacting chemical parts, emotion or something divine? There is hardly a concept as powerful in our life as the search for true love. We love our family, our friends and our pets. All of us have a favourite dish, a favourite piece of music, a favourite colour or a favourite book. «LOVE IS» is a funny book about love and what it means to us. It is both multi-tiered and provoking by revealing the many aspects of love for us. From Mondrian to Nina Hagen, from Erich Fromm to Walsch. On more than 450 pages known and unknown artists give us new insights into love with love-postings from social networks, artistic contributions such as texts, pictures and photos. Full of humour, sometimes critical, sometimes provocative, «LOVE IS» makes you smile, dream and muse. This almanac of love shall encourage you to think about love in your own life and in our society.

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Why do we need your support?

In our «LOVE IS» book you can find over 450 pages of photographs, images and texts by over 200 artists and writers from around the world ! All artists taking part in this project believe in our project and are excited about it. Nevertheless, we are still dependent on your help to publish the book. We have already invested more than one year in preparations without charge. The only missing part is to cover the actual production cost (printing, sales). The book will be on the market at the end of 2017. With the targeted financial support of CHF 14’500 CHF by you and the rest financed by us, this project will become reality. The book will be available in many book stores and can be ordered online on our «LOVE IS » website. Thank you for your support! Check our sections of Rewards. Even the smallest contribution will help us enormously!

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Production Data

  • Format: 17 cm w x 24 cm h
  • Pages: 450
  • Content: art paper, 4-color
  • Bilingual text part (German/English)
  • Date of Release: autumn 2017
  • Sales price: CHF 42
  • 1st edition: 1500 copies