Between Research, Science and Art – a 4 day celebration honoring the discovery of LSD

The molecule LSD turns 75 years! We are celebrating this special anniversary with a «Social Sculpture». From 19. until 22. April 2018 and with your support, concerts, art installations, happenings, exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures, a market and a lot more will come into being particularly at the Holzpark Klybeck Areal in Basel, a beautiful spot very suitable for our project. Other events and activities will take place simultaneously and decentralized in other locations in Basel - all in honor of LSD.

Albert Hofmann was a Swiss chemist and inventor of LSD, an icon of our time. His invention showed that molecules can have a radical impact on our consciousness. Hofmann foresaw the substance as a powerful psychiatric tool due to its intense and introspective nature.

As a young generation, we were given the honor to continue the symposium, which last took place on the occasion of Albert Hofmann’s 100th birthday, and we intend to walk new paths. The path to the creation of a «Social Sculpture» according to Joseph Beuys, which describes his understanding of art’s potential to transform a society. With this 4-day long event, we bring together experts, artists, psychonauts, researchers of all forms, psychedelic experts, as well as interested and like-minded people. We not only offer the newest insights on LSD and its current situation, but we are also committed to the creation of an unforgettable experience – the ecstasy of unleashing creativity and the active research of human consciousness.


The 3 pillars of the «Social Sculpture» – Eleusis, Symposium & The Original Bicycle Day

The following 3 pillars form a «Social Sculpture» - an artwork, a living organism that is created by the participation of artists, performers, musicians, scientists as well as every visitor of this happening. The «Social Sculpture» grows through the creative actions of all participants, goes through transformation from moment to moment and encounters surprising changes and births. Thereby every visitor is encouraged to express his own creative forces and hence, becomes a part of this living sculpture.

1. Pillar: Eleusis - Expand your Vision

This part of the event devotes itself to the topic of expressive self-experience as well as the individual manifestation and bridges art and science centered around healing in diverse areas. This pillar also creates space for the sharing of experiences and knowledge centered around LSD. Here community, a subject-specific exchange of views, inspiration as well as visionary, transdisciplinary and consciousness expanding inner work takes place along the lines of the antique mystery games of Eleusis (Greece). It is highly possible that there for the first time a drink was imbibed that contained psychotropic substances, which in their effects worked similar magic to LSD.

What is it you can expect in Eleusis? The «Holzpark Klybeck», our extraordinary space turns thanks to tipis, yurts, bars, club floors, healing zones, sound lounges, workshop and talk spaces, concert stages, restaurants, food and other markets and a holy central fire into our gathering place for our experiment. «That’s where the magic will happen». Every music genre that was born of the LSD molecule wishes to be represented.

It’s with great anticipation that we can announce 3 of the biggest highlights: ESTAS TONNE and MICH GERBER will let us dive into musical worlds of experience. Also MARK DIVO will be present to build one of his famous «inhabited sculptures».

The programme is in constant further development and can be admired under

2. Pillar: Symposium - «75 Years LSD - Where does the Journey go?»

The second pillar is particularly concerned with the technical and scientific aspects and pursues the question: «75 years LSD – Where does the journey go?». Experts in the field of psychoactive substances, such as Stanislav Grof, Christian Rätsch, Peter Gasser and many more, will debate on the podium. This part of the sculpture will traditionally be self-sustainingly organized by Nachtschattenverlag and SÄPT.

3. Pillar: The Original Bicycle Day reloaded «On the Trails of Discovery»

The third pillar opens up another experience. Hofmann’s legendary and unforgettable bicycle ride after taking a somewhat overdosed portion of LSD, from his laboratory to his home, will take place «reloaded». We will cruise down the exact route he rode on April 19th, 1943. According to Hofmann his vision wavered and was distorted as if he had seen a curved mirror. Hopefully, not with us :) Dear visitors, bring along your bike.

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Your support - Be a part! - The Initiators

Support our engaged project for research and the unleashing of creative forces

This 4-day experiment can only be made possible by a successful crowdfunding in order for us to cover costs such as rent, equipment, security, insurance, waste disposal, and many other organizational expenses. These costs are estimated at around CHF 44’444. Half of each additional Franc is put in a pot, from which all team members and artists will equally - regardless of efforts and degree of familiarity - receive their fees. We will only know how much this will be at the end. The other half of every additional raised Franc is used exclusively for the further liberation of creative and imaginative fields of the «social sculpture». Thank you for your support, best, straight away. Every Franc unleashes…

Be a part of this groundbreaking project and help form it: Do you feel inspired to be part of this potentially life-changing event? Then contact us ( and share with us your ideas about your personal expression. No limitations to your imagination!

The Initiators and the Team

The organising team consists of Psysoc Switzerland in cooperation with the Nachtschatten Verlag Solothurn. The team is complemented by experienced artists, creative forces and researchers in different disciplines.

The team:

. Laura Lazura, Co-Initiator of #LSD75 (Psysoc, Echo) belongs to a young generation of artists who celebrates life as a form of art. With her unique work on spatial installations, sound and living performances, as well as with her bronze sculptures, she constantly tries to use other elements to explore life as the greatest of all art of forms. Immateriality is always the creation’s beginning and end.

. Selina Stöckli, the diligent cultural expert (Psysoc)

. Balindt Liptay, transdisciplinary traveller (Psysoc)

. Marco Schneider, Booking & Promotion (Echo

. Flurina Scheidegger, the numbers cruncher (Psysoc)

. Amber Dubinsky, the campaign maker (Psysoc)

. Jiri Reiner, Film and Fire (Psysoc)

. Jan Vanek, Graphic Design (Psysoc)

. Roger Liggenstorfer, source of inspiration, cooperating partner, co-initiator of the symposium and founder of the Nachtschatten Verlag Solothurn


Since July 2014, the Holzpark Klybeck, a 3’350 m2 big space, is a new cultural home for creative ideas, urban wilderness and dancing freedom. We have deliberately chosen this venue due to its sustainable, alternative and creative philosophy that perfectly reflects our event.

Important Note: Despite the topic of our gathering, we would like to explicitly indicate that we do not recommend nor support the use of any kind of drugs.