Our vision

A Metal festival in the heat of summer, easily accessible, full of fun activities and great concerts, and swarmed by awesome fans

Our genesis

The idea for Lucifest emerged when two of our founding members were busy discussing their festival experiences and suddenly thought «hey, why not having a cool festival at our doorstep?» BOOM! A committee was born, original ideas emerged, bands proposed and Lucifest was born!

Our ambitions

We have plenty of ideas to make Lucifest a once in a lifetime experience: disguise contests, jam sessions, meeting platforms for musicians, tribal painting stand and goofy hear-cut stand.

Our plea to you

We are struggling to get things done, but all of this costs a lot of money. Therefore, we need your support! Please embark onto our project and become a member of the grand Lucifest family!

Our financial plan

Through crowd funding, we need to gather at least enough to secure 1 day of festival, with one scene and 4 bands, on the Expoplatz in Biel.

If we can collect 20’200, we will be able to add a second scene and book a total of 6 bands.

With 33’500, we will add a second day and will invite 13 bands!

Join our quest !