What is Lutopia ?

Located in the center of Lausanne, Lutopia will fully immerse you into the world of esports and everything digital. Its wide range of services, currently unique in Switzerland, will bring a touch of freshness to this niche market. We want to reach out to you to raise the bar in the realm of digital entertainment together and become the new, trendy place to hang out. Thanks to its eccentric design, its passionate team members and electric atmosphere, Lutopia will offer memorable moments, full of smiles and joy all round. Whether you come to play, eat, drink, relax or work we will take care of you at every step of the way.

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Our services

Lutopia will be distinctive thanks to two concepts working in harmony that will offer multiple services all under one roof.

  • The first floor will enable our guests to relax whilst indulging in one of our home-made dishes with a Mediterranean twist as well as a local brew or wine from the region. We promise to offer local, fresh ingredients that don’t have to travel too far in order to fill your plates with delicious tapas, sharing boards or gourmet toasted tartines.

  • Our cosy and functional areas will allow you to work in all tranquility on your project whilst sipping your favourite drink. In the evening, our concept will transform into a hangout spot which will welcome fun and entertaining events, musical concerts, live sports on our multiple screens and most importantly, live eSport competitions streamed from the globe!

  • Lutopia’s second floor will be purely dedicated to eSports and gaming. From your favourite classics to cutting-edge virtual to today’s best-loved Sony, Nintendo and high-performing PC platforms without forgetting our wonderful arcade machines, Lutopia will help you to kick back and get your game on.

Finally, you will be given the possibility to organise different types of events be it your own eSports competition with your best-friends to finally decide who is the best at what game or be it a team-building outing with colleagues, we have your back!

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What will your contributions be used for ?

We have long dreamt of opening our project, and now we have the right concept, the perfect timing and the ideal community to raise the necessary funds.

Your contribution will be extremely valuable and will be used primarily to cover costs related to:

  • Design and decoration of our place, to make it warm and unique.
  • Furnishing the Gaming area, to offer a comfortable and adapted space.

Each contribution will bring a stone to the building to please the 150’000 casual players in Lausanne and make our place even more welcoming. Once this campaign is successful, we can finally get the perfect place to start our business. We are counting on you to help us get there and you can count on us to see this project come to life!

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