Mad men are holy spirits

by Eugene Dyson


A man locked in a psychiatric hospital is having visions. He’s confronted with his psychiatrist’s rational perception. A short film questioning our perception of reality.

CHF 5’100

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102 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 3/5/2013

The Pitch

A man locked in a psychiatric hospital is having visions. A mandala appears and shows him his divine mission. But the man is confronted with his psychiatrist’s down to earth perception. Will he be alright? Who’s crazier than the other?

short film ~ 9 minutes, shot on RED. Screenings in DCP.

mandala by Melano Sokhadze
mandala by Melano Sokhadze

The Aim

Inspired by personal events, a constant search of a higher state of consciousness, I’d like with this movie to question our perception of reality and rationality. Dealt in a short way with a strong impact, making reference to features such as «12 Monkeys» or «K-Pax», I wish to achieve in teamwork and good spirit a nice piece of fiction that won’t let anyone indifferent.

The movie will be sent to a maximum of festivals around the world, starting with Locarno 2013. TV broadcastings are possible as well.

The Team

And more than 30 professionals will participate in the making of the movie. To support the project is to insure its continuity. But it means also offering good conditions of work for the whole team.

3 days of shooting, 2 in studio, a lot of preparation, a bit of 3D, some magnificent actors. All the ingredients are there!

  • Alex Ogou
    Alex Ogou
  • Marc Amyot
    Marc Amyot

Script extract

INT. DAY CONSULTATION ROOM: The weather is gray outside, the light gloomy. The man is sitting in an armchair. He’s in a defensive posture and waits. The door behind him opens and a psychiatrist enters. He sits in front of the man with a heavy file in his hand.

  • THE PSYCHIATRIST (elsewhere): Sorry, I’m late. The coffee machine is broken.

  • THE MAN: No, no problem. Machines are always broken. Always. Everything is broken.

  • THE PSYCHIATRIST: How are you today?

  • THE MAN: Good. Very good. I must leave. I must leave! The world needs me!

  • THE PSYCHIATRIST: Why do you think the world needs you? Aren’t you being taken care of here?

  • THE MAN: I must save them, I must save them !!

  • THE PSYCHIATRIST: We are trying to help you here. But you must stay calm.

  • THE MAN: The earth is shaking!… The night… the light… It’s hot! I must go! I must go!

  • THE PSYCHIATRIST: Alright, alright! Keep it down. Keep it down! Nurse!!!

Two strong male nurses enter the room, tackle him on the floor and inject him with a sedative.

The Budget

Because it will be shot very soon this movie isn’t produced by a production company. It is for the moment entirely self-funded. This is where you come in! The real global budget of such a project would be around CHF 50’000. But with the goodwill and devotion of the whole team, it is reduced to less than CHF 20’000.

To convince you, here’s a video of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s own sacred fund raising. He’s one of my greatest inspiration :)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.