The group

MADDAM is an electro-funk duo composed of American singer Madafi Pierre and Swiss producer Roccobelly. This chance encounter, made possible with the help of drummer Laurent Biollay (who now plays with them), has made it possible for them to express their vision of Funk from an original point of view.

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The Music

MADDAM has an eclectic palent, with influences of New Wave and Electro-pop, via P-Funk and Miami Bass. The creation process involves a production using vintage machinery such as 12 Bits Samples and FM Synthesis that takes the soul component to another level. This recipe allows them to create a fun and poetic universe that not only makes you want to dance, but seduces you all at the same time.


The recording and production of this album went through several stages. First, demo recordings were done in Roccobelly’s studio. Then trough the help of Thomas Gloor, who was assisted by Renaud Nasch, the songs were properly arranged. Each song was recorded and mixed at AKA Studio, where musicians such as Mimmo Pisino (bass), Baptiste «Bouli» Amstutz (guitar) and Laurent Biollay (drums) also lent a hand on a few tracks. Once the songs are mastered, the artist RG will take brush to canvas and create an exciting and colorful album cover, almost looking like fireworks made with paint.


We’re almost there

We’re almost at the finish line! This first opus will be presented to the world in February 2016, with a release party at the «Bourg» in Lausanne and a series of electrifying concerts.

Where do you come in?

We can’t do this without you! In order for us to share our music and release this album on vinyl, money must be raised for the pressing and artwork. But don’t worry, not only will the album come out on vinyl but a download code will also be included allowing those who do not have a record-player access to our record online.

Our gift to you

In addition to our eternal gratitude, we have put together a range of exclusive gifts which you will only get here when you make a donation on We Make It! Handmade MADDAM T-shirts, signed posters, phone-calls with the artists, invitations to our private listening party, and other goodies are our way of saying «Thank You!» for your support and donation

So please support two crazy kids who still believe that «music makes the people come together», and help us make our dream come true.
We make it – but we need you!

Thank you!